“Shaken, not stirred!”


With this famous catchphrase of James Bond, we welcome you to Part III of our mini series on beverage bloggers. We´ve already introduced you to the wine and beer bloggers. Now we turn to spirits. These bloggers test, mix and also make hard liquor. And they do it with great skill and expertise.



Who are the bloggers? A small group of journalists and beverage industry professionals, all of them cocktail enthusiasts.

Themes: Spirits and everything to do with this world: ingredients, cocktail recipes, industry news, bar recommendations, events and much more.

Recommendation: Of course, their recipes section, from A for Aberdeen Flip to W for Witches Brew. How about a “Moscow Mule”?



Who are the bloggers? A small team from Edinburgh in Scotland who describe themselves as “spirit geeks”.

Themes: As the name says: whisky, whisky, whisky. Reviews, bar recommendations and events.

Worth reading: If you don´t want to (or can´t) test all the whiskies produced around the world, then  take a look at their reviews section. It´s well worth reading their descriptions before you buy your next bottle.

drinktec Blog-Team

The drinktec team writes reports on everything to do with drinktec and gives insights into what is going on behind the scenes of the trade fair.