Light wines, powerful aromas!

A person drinking a glass of white wine in a garden during the sunset
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Valuing health, fitness and a healthy diet doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy fine wine. After all, there is a growing trend toward light wines with less alcohol. So even health-conscious wine lovers can treat themselves to the occasional glass. A light, fruity wine in particular – served chilled, of course – has been very popular, especially on a hot summer day. But how do wine-growers reduce the alcohol content?

If you talk to experts about the production process, you soon learn that reducing the alcohol content is no simple procedure. Winemakers have to increasingly rely on technological tools to ensure that the aromas are not lost along with the alcohol.

In our podcast, wine experts and professional manufacturers explain which procedures can be used to produce light wines and how the wines keep their flavor and fruity aromas in the process.




  • Monika Christmann, President of the International Organization for Vine and Wine
  • Matthias Schmitt, Institute for Oenology, University of Geisenheim
  • Jürgen Fröhlich, Head of R&D Biotechnology, Erbslöh AG
  • Roberto Azzolini, Commercial Manager, Bertolaso

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