Gin is still in

a glas of gin
It's impossible to imagine a bar without gin - Gin is in.

Straight or in a cocktail, the enormous selection and variety of flavors has furthered the success of the juniper-based spirit to such an extent that it has become more than just the summer’s trendiest tipple. It would be impossible to imagine a bar without gin, with creative keeps forever coming up with new ways to mix it.

You could say that gin is literally on everyone’s lips. Even though the bar tending elite may turn their noses up at the gin innovations cropping up almost daily, we are grateful to the German producers who have broken down the most recent wave of inhibitions surrounding gin. Although not all of the new distilleries are to be considered gems, there are an ever increasing number of German gins that really make the world of gin a better place, even giving the British giants a run for their money.

Despite the fact that the definition of gin describes a spirit that is aromatized with juniper, the more adventurous producers have taken many different approaches. The countless German gin manufacturers that were once fruit distilleries gladly try to pack as much fruit as possible into their distillations. The sheer variety of flavors is just as impressive. In Germany alone there are currently over 100 gin distilleries.

A life without gin, especially for bars it seems, would be unimaginable. We met with one gin aficionado, Andreas Till, Manager of the trendy Munich venue “Pacific Times.” He serves over 150 different types of gin and tonic from behind his bar. Till said, “Gin can be composed in a way very similar to perfume.”

Although during the summer months cucumber in a gin and tonic is generally considered to be refreshing, the spiced and flowery varieties are being chosen more often. Aromas like basil, ginger, or lavender give the gin a signature flavor unlike any other, regardless of whether it is served straight or as an added kick in a drink.

The Queen Mother will go down in history as the most famous gin drinker, having enjoyed her signature “Victorian style” gin and tonic daily. Even the finishing touch in the cake made for her 100th birthday was none other than gin. This obviously didn’t cause too much harm, as she lived to be 102 years old.

Mareike Hasenbeck

Mareike Hasenbeck is a freelance journalist with her own craft beer blog (Feiner Hopfen), she is also a beer sommelier and an international expert for beer sensory certified by the DLG (German Agricultural Society).