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Packaging Machine

Packaging Machines on a Clear Path to Growth and Sustainability

The global demand for packaging machines in the beverage and liquid food industry is once again increasing. Despite difficult conditions, there are good global prospects for machines and facilities that manufacture, bottle, and package beverages and liquid foods. This is how the German Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (VDMA) explained the situation in the run up to drinktec. One reason for this expected growth is that suppliers are consistently confronting the challenges of our time. For example, it is indispensible for beverage manufacturers, both today and in the future, to reduce their ecological footprint through water management, the reduction of consumable materials and overall sustainable production. In this context, the digital transformation will play a decisive role by supporting improvements in consumption and emissions data. Now more than ever, machinery manufacturers can answer the demand for more sustainable and digital production — for all global markets.

Schwere Zeiten für Weinmarkt

The German wine industry during the pandemic

Wine sales via catering services have taken a nosedive due to the coronavirus pandemic, especially during lockdown – a great shock for the German wine market. The German wine industry, however, is using this opportunity, to reinvent itself and is breaking new ground in online retail.


Climate change is forcing intelligent irrigation in wine growing

Water is essential for all life processes. There can be no life without it. Therefore, it is not surprising that water is also a crucial factor in the beverage industry and in wine production. This makes irrigation for wine growing a topic more important now than ever.