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Christian Dahncke Paulaner

Brewery-based Soda Production

It’s already been seven years since the Paulaner Brewery left its old brewing premises in Nockherberg and moved to Langwied in Munich, yet people still refer to it as the “new” brewery. However, some of the facilities and systems were also relocated from Nockherberg and incorporated into the new premises, such as the mixing system for mixed beer beverages and non-alcoholic beverages. These segments in particular are growth areas in the beer market, and the popularity of Paulaner’s products meant that capacity needed to be seriously ramped up. Ole Kohls, Marketing Manager at corosys beverage technology, explains how this was achieved with the installation of a new mixing system.

beer and bottle

At-home beer consumption in the second year of the pandemic

Many of us started the second year of the pandemic hoping that things would quickly improve and restrictions would ease. However, new virus variants, the anti-vax movement and the resulting long-lasting closures of catering establishments in spring soon tarnished the prediction that things would be more normal than the previous year. Owners were hit hard in 2021 as bars and restaurants were mainly empty, followed by hesitant visits.