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Bottles of Günther Jauch's wine

Turning point for German wine: the new wine law

Wine is more than just an alcoholic beverage. It was even celebrated in the Bible, which made more than a thousand references to wine. The ancient Greeks and Romans praised the god of wine. Furthermore, wine has always been a managed asset. Proper designation would indicate where the wine originated, where the grapes were grown, who produced the wine as...

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Consumer information on wine bottle labels – EU seeks standardization

Alcoholic beverages and wines have always had a special status in designation law. This also applies to the exceptions regarding nutritional values and ingredients. But there may soon no longer be any exceptions. While breweries throughout the world have already agreed to print certain information on their labels, the EU Commission is now also considering standardizing the labeling of alcoholic...

Eine Snackplatte mit verschiedenen Weinen

Wine: In vino veritas – but some misconceptions, too!

Even James Bond knew that errors could be deadly when it comes to wine: A true Brit would never have ordered red wine with fish! That’s how enemy agent Grant (“From Russia with Love”) gave himself away – making that the last meal of his life. A good knowledge of wine can be helpful even outside the movies.

barrique barrels

Wine: Barrique – more than just flavor

Winemakers have been preoccupied with the storage of wine since time immemorial: In earlier times, people transported and kept the precious liquid in more or less suitable containers, – such as earthenware jugs, amphorae or leather sacks. Those who had the means opted for wooden barrels, which were more durable and also better to transport than fragile jugs. Today, barrique...

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Themed week Product Safety: Wine – inspections are a must

Trust is good, but control is better. It does, however, apply particularly well to food and beverages: After all, the temptation to cheat looms large with manufacturers. When it comes to wine, inspections ensure the favorite drink of Bacchus complies with regulations.

Industry 4.0 is increasingly apparent in the world of wine production. It provides an opportunity to streamline work processes with networked machines.

Themed Week Process Optimization: Industry 4.0 takes vineyards by storm

Economical business: The term “efficiency culture” is important when it comes to optimizing work and production processes within a company. This applies to the business economy, to wine cellars of all sizes, and to agricultural wine farms, wine estates and cooperatives. Industry 4.0 provides an opportunity to streamline work processes with networked machines.