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World’s first fruit juice sommelier training

World’s first fruit juice sommelier training

In mid-2010, the Zukunftsinstitut (Future Institute) in Kelkheim, Germany identified what it called the “sommelier effect” as one of 50 microtrends. And indeed, there is growing interest in various sommelier training courses, a development confirmed by Dr. Peter Schropp, head of seminars at Doemens Academy. The academy’s latest project is the world’s first fruit juice sommelier training course, held in...

A spicey beverage next to herbs and spices

Drinking herbs and spices: Turmeric, basil and lavender create a real taste sensation

Herbs and spices can be found in practically every kitchen. After all, there are many dishes that benefit from their unmistakable and delicious flavor. And over the centuries, herbs and spices have been used as cures in traditional medicine. Because they’re such commonly used ingredients, it’s surprising that they haven’t made their way into the products produced by the non-alcoholic...

A wine glas and a bottle on a table

Curiosity creates new markets and products

The consumer preference for natural, regional and healthy products has long been recognized by the non-alcoholic beverage industry. At the same time, food engineers are showing a special interest in new taste experiences – especially those that come with a real surprise.

Many cans

Canning: beyond beer

Featured post: In a competitive market, the desire to create stand-out, individual packaging options continues to drive the packaging choice made by many beverage producers. This has never been more true than in the non-alcoholic beverage sector, as manufacturers look to the can to communicate messages around premiumization and health through their packaging.

Bioplastics the future

Are bioplastics the future?

We hear more and more about bioplastics these days. But what exactly does this term mean? How much information do consumers already have about using bioplastics? And what benefits can the beverage packaging industry leverage from bioplastics today?


Are non-alcoholic beverages surrounded by organic hype, too?

The days when organic products could only be found in health stores and organic-food stores are long gone. Now organic hype has pervaded all distribution channels, as verified by the latest figures. Even non-alcoholic beverages are becoming increasingly organic, and consumers place value on the use of organic raw materials.


Themed week Flavor variety: Niche Success on the Agenda for Soft Drinks Too

In Germany, consumption of soft drinks is currently on a slight downward trend. Globally, however, the trend is somewhat different: Although per capita consumption of carbonated soft drinks is evidently decreasing in Europe, North and Latin America and Australasia, it is (according to GlobalData) on a slight upward trend in Asia and even experiencing a major upturn in the Middle...