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Some pretzels and a beer

Retail perspectives: Regionality and quality are a window of opportunity

Trend regionality: Regional, environmentally compatible and top-quality food is experiencing an upswing. Especially younger consumers are more discerning about products and make conscious buying decisions. In the beverage industry, too, high-quality, regional products are gaining popularity. This new consciousness can be harnessed as an opportunity for retail: Companies offering quality regional brands, expertise and individual advice attract customers and win...

Craft beer boom: beer varieties as diverse as their makers

Craft beer boom: beer varieties as diverse as their makers

Unrestrained beer creations such as Wuida Hund, beers brewed with plums and raisins, or original beers made by women who are mixing up what used to be the domain of men: The craft beer scene is vibrant and growing increasingly popular. According to the German Brewers Federation, 1,408 brewers currently produce their creations in Germany; that’s 100 more than just...

Craft beer that’s as fine as any champagne

Craft beer that’s as fine as any champagne

The drinktec blog regularly presents the coolest newcomer on the craft beer scene. This time we feature Cerevisium, the innovative Freising-based start-up that is currently sharing its unique specialty beer during drinktec at place2beer in Hall B1.

Brewery giants shake up the craft beer market

Themed Week Flexibility: Brewery giants shake up the craft beer market

We’ve all heard of creative brands like Craftwerk Brewing, Ratsherrn, and Brauerei im Eiswerk, but what most beer connoisseurs don’t realize is that these are in fact another face of huge brewing corporations. The likes of Bitburger, Radeberger, and Paulaner demonstrate that they have the incredible flexibility to extend their domination to the specialty beer scene too.


Isarkindl: Bavarian Brewing Culture Updated

Here on the drinktec blog, we regularly take a look at the most impressive newcomers to the craft-beer scene. This time we’d like to introduce an innovative startup named “Isarkindl”, based in Freising near munich, which will be showcasing its creative specialty beers, including the highly successful Märzen variety “Schmankerl”, at the place2beer exhibition in Hall B1.

Camba Bavaria: Craft-beer pioneer

Camba Bavaria: Craft-beer pioneer with huge selection of beers

The most important brewers on the craft-beer scene are introduced in the drinktec blog on a regular basis. This time the team at “Camba Bavaria” in the village of Truchtlaching in Upper Bavaria will present its creative specialty beers at place2beer in Hall B1 at this year’s drinktec. Anyone who has ever visited the Camba Bavaria brewery in the idyllic...

Different kind of beer created by Frau Gruber

Themed Week Resources: Yeast – A Wide Variety of Aromas for the Craft Beer Scene

The topic of “yeast” is widely discussed on the craft beer scene. For some time already, US craft brewers have been experimenting with the fungi that add the alcohol to the beer and give it its distinctive aroma. Even here in Germany, craft brewers are now becoming more keen to experiment with this raw ingredient than “regular” breweries.

Brauerei Rittmayer

Comeback of regional specialty beers

In many cases, when small or medium-sized regional breweries are passed on to the next generation, it can result in an exciting reorientation. The rise of the international craft-beer scene is forcing the new generation of beer brewers to master the balancing act between things traditional and modern.