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On the factory floor of "Deutsches Milchkontor" GmbH

Continuous Automation—Key to the Future

Imagine if you discovered that the last piece of cheese you ate was produced by robots. Surely that could only happen in science fiction? Well, almost but not entirely: “Big Data,” robotics and IT are playing an increasingly important role in production processes.

a bavarian meal in the evening

Enjoyable Combinations

Specialty beers are increasingly becoming the drink of choice to accompany cheese rather than wine. Combining cheese with selected beers is giving connoisseurs a whole new flavor experience.

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How can you dice cheese?

Daily cooking in your kitchen, the eating of meals at home or at least their preparation there (for breaktime snacks and the like) is a dying concept of life. This is at least the situation in cities and for the people who are on the road a lot. Business at food service and fast food companies is booming , because...