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Flowy in the desert

The adventures of Flowy! First Stop… South Africa!

I can tell you – organizing my first trade fair, food & drink technology Africa 2016 in Johannesburg, is so exciting! I started my trip on the Lufthansa 747 “Siegerflieger” and I mean, me as the drinktec’s worldwide lucky charm am the only one of its kind in the world – what can go wrong anymore? My first day in...

Grain varieties form different malts

How does beer get its color?

Pale, dark or black beer: grain varieties are dried to form different malts, which give the beer its color and flavor. But how does it work?

people get together and drink some craftbeer

What is ‘craft’ beer?

A new beer culture is currently emerging around the world. In virtually all corners of the globe, young brewers are developing special recipes or seeking new inspiration from traditional brewing techniques. They have taken it upon themselves to fight the “samey” beers produced by large brewers. Their magic words are “bravery,” “character,” and “creativity.” This is no different in Germany,...

Hops - The Soul of Beer

The Soul of Beer

Cascade, Callista or Mandarina Bavaria: Water already starts to run in the mouth of craft brewers and beer lovers when they hear these names. Hops are one of the key ingredients in creative beers. In addition, new and exciting new varieties are being launched on the market just now.

people on a stage celebrating with confetti

Dain on Tour – The ultimative Munich visit, Part 4

The World Meeting All the representatives arrived at the old Messe grounds. It’s always good to see everyone. Such a sense of happiness and excitement as the next few days we know will be packed with information, fun and networking. Over 2 days we had a variety of presentations and workshops, team South Africa also presented on South Africa and...

canned beer created by Stone Brewing

Pleasure Revolution from a Can

Canned beer leaves its dingy corner. More and more craft brewers rely on chic aluminum containers that also provide ideal protection for the contents.

fdt team photo

Dain on Tour – The ultimative Munich visit, Part 3

As you realized last week, it´s not so easy to find your way in Munich for the first time. This also applies for the way to the Hotel: Lets just say, I got a little bit lost… so the ETA of 6min turned into 20min (we had the map the wrong way round) thankfully the public are willing to help...

a picture taken from the inside of a plane

Dain on Tour – The ultimative Munich visit, Part 2

And so it begins: I flew out of JHB on the 1st of June, was a typical Autumn day for us, sun shining, cold breeze in the air, but still warm. This was my first time flying to Doha using Qatar Airways… The flight is just under 8hours, so I knew I would be able to rest…I was greeted by...