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Brewing Beer like Barack Obama

A new trend is emerging in basements, laundry rooms and garages across Germany. Increasing numbers of amateur brewers are producing their own beers at home – just like US President Barack Obama. While doing so, they quickly learn how to handle hops and malt but, when it comes to yeast, most still lack the necessary expertise. This recent trend for...

500 years of German Purity Law

From Jimson Weed to Oxblood

This year, the German Purity Law is celebrating its 500th anniversary. However, there are a number of bizarre legends surrounding what is claimed to be the world’s oldest food law. Join me for a journey through the history of beer. It was a turbulent time when the law was introduced back in 1516, with peasant uprisings, the Reformation, rebellion, famine,...

Christina Maier (drinktec), Alexander Berger (PRO FachHANDEL) and Miss drinktec Petra Westphal are very happy about the cooperation

Important News for drinktec 2017

Great News for all participants of drinktec 2017: For the first time PRO FachHANDEL, the specialist and order trade fair for the entire German beverage and convenience trade, will be held in Munich. It will take place on September 14 and 15 parallel to drinktec (September 11-15, 2017), the world’s leading trade fair for the beverage and liquid food industry....

fresh beer

Beer curiosities from across the brew-niverse

The international beer scene is constantly surprising us with new and extraordinary beverages. Beyond the realms of the German Purity Law, brewers are using weird and wonderful ingredients which, despite their dubious nature, are still able to win us over from time to time with their original flavor profiles. Before the German Purity Law was passed in 1516, brewers would...

CBB Team with Flowy

CBB 2016 – Final

We did it! Four trade fair days and many days of preparation have come to a close and result is a great success. CBB 2016 was a resounding success! Approx. 9 percent more exhibitors Over 8 percent more space booked by foreign exhibitors Again increase of visitor quality These are just a few keywords that describe how things went at...

the team at the Brew & Beverage Exhibition China

CBB – Day 3

Tiredness is slowly making itself known in my limbs. I don’t know whether this is due to the third intensive day or the fact that we were out and about longer yesterday. Always these customer appointmentsJ, and there is never a break! There was an important marketing and PR meeting with our colleagues from Heli this morning. We discussed measures...

Flowy at the exhibition entrance

The sun shines over CBB!

What an exciting first trade fair day! After there was a little chaos during setup yesterday evening, we were very curious this morning to see what the halls would look like. We were on site at 8 a.m. after a short breakfast, and–as always in China–everything was ready on time 🙂 I was then in the main entrance on site punctually...

drinktec press conference at CBB

CBB – Day 2

This morning was entirely devoted to the drinktec press conference. I already had arranged to meet my Chinese colleagues at 8:30 a.m. for a “dry run”. Unfortunately, I did not find the room at first. The Shanghai New International Exhibition Centre (SNIEC) is rather narrow and winding. The good thing was that when I arrived, the technical equipment had already...

CBB 16 Set Up

The final preparations for CBB 2016 are in full swing!

Nǐ hǎo from Shanghai! My world tour is continuing. I was in Johannesburg for food & drink technology Africa approx. four weeks ago. Now I’m in Shanghai, and the gates to CHINA BREW CHINA BEVERAGE (CBB) 2016 will open in a few hours. Until then, however, there is still a great deal of work for us to do. Preparations are...

Rum is the New Whiskey”

The old mariners’ drink is far more than just an ingredient in cocktails or grog: More and more aficionados are discovering this distillate of sugarcane as a new and premium delicacy, which is best taken neat—not only in Mojitos and Cuba Libres!