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Dain on Tour – The ultimative Munich visit, Part 3

As you realized last week, it´s not so easy to find your way in Munich for the first time. This also applies for the way to the Hotel: Lets just say, I got a little bit lost… so the ETA of 6min turned into 20min (we had the map the wrong way round) thankfully the public are willing to help...

The flight to Munich

Dain on Tour – The ultimative Munich visit, Part 2

And so it begins: I flew out of JHB on the 1st of June, was a typical Autumn day for us, sun shining, cold breeze in the air, but still warm. This was my first time flying to Doha using Qatar Airways… The flight is just under 8hours, so I knew I would be able to rest…I was greeted by...

Where do you find us?

Hola – drinktec on tour in the southern hemisphere

This time it wasn´t so easy, it seems. But again there were many who had the right answer. The photo is of South America, or more precisely of Caracas, the capital of Venezue-la. In Venezuela Ana Chenche and her team are the contacts for all questions when it comes to drinktec 2017 and the beverages and liquid food industry. We...

Dain on Tour!

Dain on Tour – The ultimative Munich visit, Part 1

So I (Dain Richardson) was asked to write a blog regarding my trip to Munich in June 2016… so before we continue, let’s cover the standard questions. Who, what, where and why? I am the Sales & Marketing manager for fdt Africa, along with the representative of Business Unit 3 and 4 of MMG… with this in mind, I am...

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Basic rules for beer tastings

A beer-tasting session is similar to a wine dégustation. Participants learn to assess the color, aroma and taste of the different beers, but also important are the temperature at which it is served and the location.

Where do you find us?

The drinktec picture puzzle: In which country am I? (Part 2)

Things are slowly getting into gear! In our last picture puzzle, many of you got the right answer with New Zealand. Now let´s see who´s going to crack the next puzzle – Here we go! This time we´re making it just a bit easier for you—by limiting the search to countries that have Spanish as an official language. So Germany,...

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The 7 Most Senseless Beer Myths

Beer is unhealthy and makes you fat and impotent. Absurd myths abound about the favorite beverage of the Germans. But what is really true about these prejudices?

China Road Show

The China Roadshow has started

The starting gun for the road show across China by our media partner PETplanet was already on May 18. Various different companies in the PET industry will be visited within the context of the road show. CHINA BREW CHINA BEVERAGE is acting as sponsor of the road show, and it is obvious that it will also end at the trade...