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Awards – Winners 2013

Stars and World Champs – Awards for the best in the beverage industry

Competitions and championships are established events on drinktec’s calendar of activities. The best of the best are competing in a range of disciplines again this year: There’s the “European Beer Star” for the most innovative beer products. Promising solutions in beverage marketing are being honored with the “World Beverage Innovation Awards”. Now wine enthusiasts have something new to look forward...

Trend toward regionality and sustainability

Themed Week Energy Efficiency: Trend toward sustainability and regionality

Globalization undoubtedly has its merits. However, it can also lead to customers shifting from brand to brand when faced with a mountain of standardized and interchangeable products. This is why, at the moment, terms like “locally made”, “regional origin” and sustainability are so popular. It’s time for marketers in the beverage industry to take notice of their consumer’s longing for...

Energy efficiency is becoming a strategic issue for breweries across the world. With the right systems, brewers can use green manufacturing processes.

Themed Week Energy Efficiency: Greener breweries

Energy efficiency is becoming a strategic issue for breweries across the world. With the right systems and installations, brewers can use green manufacturing processes while reducing costs. Products embodying this new approach will be available at the upcoming drinktec trade fair.

Global consumption and wine trade on the rise

Wine – Global consumption and trade on the rise

All around the world, the production, trade and consumption of wine is growing. This trend for wine trade can mainly be attributed to the further liberalization of trade and certain international agreements. New wine exporters are popping up all the time on both sides of the Pacific, which is great news for SIMEI@drinktec exhibitors. After all, these various producer countries...

Craft beer that’s as fine as any champagne

Craft beer that’s as fine as any champagne

The drinktec blog regularly presents the coolest newcomer on the craft beer scene. This time we feature Cerevisium, the innovative Freising-based start-up that is currently sharing its unique specialty beer during drinktec at place2beer in Hall B1.

social networks

Social networks: A happy hunting ground for B2B marketing

Their ubiquity and popularity make social networks the perfect place for marketing as there’s an option to engage with users. This is particularly true for the B2B sector. Social media is not just for digital natives; it’s also a platform for skilled experts. In the B2B sector, however, suppliers could make even better use of social networks in order to...