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Global consumption and wine trade on the rise

Wine – Global consumption and trade on the rise

All around the world, the production, trade and consumption of wine is growing. This trend for wine trade can mainly be attributed to the further liberalization of trade and certain international agreements. New wine exporters are popping up all the time on both sides of the Pacific, which is great news for SIMEI@drinktec exhibitors. After all, these various producer countries...

Craft beer that’s as fine as any champagne

Craft beer that’s as fine as any champagne

The drinktec blog regularly presents the coolest newcomer on the craft beer scene. This time we feature Cerevisium, the innovative Freising-based start-up that is currently sharing its unique specialty beer during drinktec at place2beer in Hall B1.

social networks

Social networks: A happy hunting ground for B2B marketing

Their ubiquity and popularity make social networks the perfect place for marketing as there’s an option to engage with users. This is particularly true for the B2B sector. Social media is not just for digital natives; it’s also a platform for skilled experts. In the B2B sector, however, suppliers could make even better use of social networks in order to...

Bioplastics the future

Are bioplastics the future?

We hear more and more about bioplastics these days. But what exactly does this term mean? How much information do consumers already have about using bioplastics? And what benefits can the beverage packaging industry leverage from bioplastics today?

Program drinktec 2017

Five days full of highlights — the drinktec 2017 events program

The program at this year’s drinktec is broader than ever before, with forums, symposiums, conferences, competitions, special events, tastings and much, much more on offer. The combination of the events program and exhibition means attendees from all sectors will more than get their money’s worth: Special events like “New Beverage Concepts,” the drinktec Forum and networking platforms like “place2beer” provide...

Sustainability in the beverage trade: Reusable Bottles

Sustainability in the beverage trade: Reuse, individual service and well-informed customers are the winning recipe

Reusable bottles have a decisive advantage compared to single-use bottles: They create less waste and help protect the environment. They are, however, often more expensive and are rarely sold in the retail trade. Many consumers are unaware what the exact difference is between single-use and reusable, and tend to pay more attention to the price and practical aspects when making...