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A wine glas and a bottle on a table

Curiosity creates new markets and products

The consumer preference for natural, regional and healthy products has long been recognized by the non-alcoholic beverage industry. At the same time, food engineers are showing a special interest in new taste experiences – especially those that come with a real surprise.

Many bottles in progress

Sparkling wine and champagne see increasing popularity

Whether it’s Champagne, Crémant, Prosecco, Asti Spumante or Cava from Spain’s Penedès region, one thing is certain: The market for sparkling wine is booming. More than two billion bottles of sparkling wine, the official name for the category, are sold worldwide each year.

Experts at drinktec – and those who will be present six months later at LOPEC – will explain the opportunities offered by printed electronics.

Smartly packaged thanks to printed electronic

Featured post: Whether it’s LEDs on soft-drink bottles or forgery-proof RFID labels on spirits, smart labels are making their way into the beverage industry. Experts at drinktec – and those who will be present six months later at LOPEC, the International Exhibition and Conference for the Printed Electronics Industry – will explain the opportunities offered by printed electronics.

A person drinking a glass of white wine in a garden during the sunset

Light wines, powerful aromas!

Valuing health, fitness and a healthy diet doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy fine wine. After all, there is a growing trend toward light wines with less alcohol. So even health-conscious wine lovers can treat themselves to the occasional glass. A light, fruity wine in particular – served chilled, of course – has been very popular, especially on a hot...

A table with a glas of wine and a beer on it

Beer and wine – an unusual liaison

There is currently an unusual liaison brewing between beer and wine that the supply industry in particular finds extremely satisfying. Winegrowers and craft brewers are increasingly relying on convergent equipment and focusing on modern packaging and stylish bottle design. The SIMEI@drinktec highlights new possibilities.

Eine Snackplatte mit verschiedenen Weinen

Wine: In vino veritas – but some misconceptions, too!

Even James Bond knew that errors could be deadly when it comes to wine: A true Brit would never have ordered red wine with fish! That’s how enemy agent Grant (“From Russia with Love”) gave himself away – making that the last meal of his life. A good knowledge of wine can be helpful even outside the movies.

Extraordinary labels

Art and marketing: A fascinating symbiosis

In the age of highly visual social media channels, extraordinary labels play an increasingly prominent role. People enjoy looking at inspiring designs, whether on Instagram, at home or on the go. It’s “art for all,” in a manner of speaking.