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A table with a glas of wine and a beer on it

Beer and wine – an unusual liaison

There is currently an unusual liaison brewing between beer and wine that the supply industry in particular finds extremely satisfying. Winegrowers and craft brewers are increasingly relying on convergent equipment and focusing on modern packaging and stylish bottle design. The SIMEI@drinktec highlights new possibilities.

Eine Snackplatte mit verschiedenen Weinen

Wine: In vino veritas – but some misconceptions, too!

Even James Bond knew that errors could be deadly when it comes to wine: A true Brit would never have ordered red wine with fish! That’s how enemy agent Grant (“From Russia with Love”) gave himself away – making that the last meal of his life. A good knowledge of wine can be helpful even outside the movies.

Extraordinary labels

Art and marketing: A fascinating symbiosis

In the age of highly visual social media channels, extraordinary labels play an increasingly prominent role. People enjoy looking at inspiring designs, whether on Instagram, at home or on the go. It’s “art for all,” in a manner of speaking.

Some pretzels and a beer

Retail perspectives: Regionality and quality are a window of opportunity

Trend regionality: Regional, environmentally compatible and top-quality food is experiencing an upswing. Especially younger consumers are more discerning about products and make conscious buying decisions. In the beverage industry, too, high-quality, regional products are gaining popularity. This new consciousness can be harnessed as an opportunity for retail: Companies offering quality regional brands, expertise and individual advice attract customers and win...

barrique barrels

Wine: Barrique – more than just flavor

Winemakers have been preoccupied with the storage of wine since time immemorial: In earlier times, people transported and kept the precious liquid in more or less suitable containers, – such as earthenware jugs, amphorae or leather sacks. Those who had the means opted for wooden barrels, which were more durable and also better to transport than fragile jugs. Today, barrique...

Eine Frau trinkt an der Eisbachwelle aus einer Dose

Drink cans: Resealability is the next big thing

Featured post: Those days of spilling a drink on yourself or having a bee buzz right into your favorite beverage are now a thing of the past. These are just two of the many advantages offered by the new resealable system for drink cans that XOLUTION will introduce to a specialist audience for the first time at drinktec 2017, in...

A couple cooking dairy free

Themed Week Marketing: Dairies offering a wide range of products

The extensive needs and wishes of today’s consumers are reflected in the huge variety of dairy products that are available. Some segments are particularly successful: Lactose-free and lactose-reduced products, for example, are becoming increasingly popular. Not surprising, considering that around one in seven people in Germany suffers from lactose intolerance.

Food and beverage industry: Cleverly communicating a product’s health benefits and its additives to the consumer raises a number of challenges.

Themed Week Marketing: Demystifying the world of additives

In the food and beverage industry, products offering customers that “healthy edge” are both sales drivers and motors for innovation. The success of these products depends entirely on whether customers see them as effective and natural. Cleverly communicating a product’s health benefits and its additives to the consumer raises a number of challenges.