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Rose Diamond Water

Water is the most important raw material in the world and continues to increase in significance in various parts of the beverage industry. Industry insiders and gourmets have known one thing for a long time: Not all water is alike. But in many cases, consumers hardly notice differences between the many bottled waters. They want to drink water more often, but they want water with that little something extra.

So it should come as little surprise that Transparency Market Research has forecast the world’s most promising growth rates for water with additives. The market research institute is predicting that the segment for flavored water will grow at an annual rate of 8.4 percent between now and the year 2024. So-called functional waters will grow at a slightly slower pace. The company predicts that the global water market will grow at an overall rate of 6.6 percent per year.

Water: A trending raw material

The beverage industry is mobilizing accordingly and already has some water in stock that is supposedly different than the others. For example, Vöslauer, a mineral springs in Austria, recently introduced Balance Green Cucumber-Elderberry, a water with special natural additives. In doing so, the company is putting its money on a water-vegetable-fruit combination that, according to Birgit Aichinger, Head of Marketing at Vöslauer, follows the trend toward the color green. At this year’s drinktec, beverage manufacturers in the exhibition sector for “Raw materials, agents and additives” will present new products and demonstrate the various ways that the beverage industry can put additives to use.

Marketing alternatives for juicing facilities

Incidentally, classic water producers are not the only ones who have discovered the trend toward “something special”. Voelkel’s natural fruit juice facility in Germany followed the trend and developed its “Infused Water” product line, compositions of organic mineral water and natural juices with the flavors Pink Grapefruit Rosemary, Cucumber Lemon and Orange Ginger.

Water with art and additives

Another interesting development: Waters that provide additional utility through additives. Like Hydrive Energy Water from Texas, which contains natural flavorings as well as B vitamins and caffeine. Or LIFEWTR from Pepsico, USA, which according to the company is pH balanced with electrolytes and—another special feature—successfully combines art and the love of water. In the case of LIFEWTR, the labels change every few months to give new artists an opportunity to have their motifs appear directly on the bottle. Series 2 currently showcases the artists Lynnie Z, Adrienne Gaither and Trudy Benson.

Should it come from glaciers or the rainforest?

Another way to score points with consumers is with perceived unique naturalness. fromin, for example, is water from the ice age that generates even more attention because its PET packaging resembles a block of ice. And Rain Forest Water, supposedly the purest spring water from the rainforest in Costa Rica, also underscores the feeling of being pristine and unspoiled in its advertising: For environmental reasons, the water is only filled in carton packaging as well as glass and aluminum bottles. This year’s drinktec also focuses on the topic of environmentally friendly packaging: Manufacturers in the exhibition sector for “Filling and packaging technology” will present new packaging technologies such as the resource-efficient production of PET packaging.

Emotional and intense

Kai Rebhahn, Founder and Managing Director of Lifestyle Drinks, describes Rose Diamond Water as “one of the most emotional and intense beauty drinks.” The rose water comes in a 0.25-liter glass bottle. It is presented in a carton package that, when opened, gives the impression of flower petals opening. The rose water comes from Bulgaria and is made from the pedals of the Damask rose by a family-run business. It is supposed to give you beautiful skin and be beneficial to the stomach and the digestive system. “Rose water is suitable for any creative person or event, especially people who like to enjoy life and are looking for that something extra. We feel it is especially suitable as a gift,” explains Rebhahn.

The trend toward something special

Industry observers all agree that the trend toward special water will continue. In other words, it is a niche that is worthy of consideration. Even if it is just a matter of time before still, bottled water makes up the lion’s share of water sales in the future. According to Transparency Market Research, it already accounted for more than 80 percent of global sales in 2016.

drinktec is the place to be for anyone who wants to find out more about future-oriented water concepts. For example in the special area for New Beverage Concepts, where the latest ingredients and innovative beverage concepts will be introduced. Product and brand managers as well as marketing executives can exchange ideas and information in the neighboring Innovation Flow Lounge. And the drinktec Forum will feature an extensive lecture program, among other things on topics such as new raw materials and batch size 1. Given all the exhibitors that will have equipment for the water industry on display, visitors will be able to find out how to technically implement new ideas directly at the fair.

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