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Whether it’s plain juices, or super juices, or freshly squeezed juices, or smoothies, according to GfK—one of the world’s largest market research companies—they are all responsible for a boost in sales of fruit based drinks. Countless fruit juice manufacturers have recognized this trend and have met the growing demand for the extraordinary by developing interesting products and concepts such as homogeneous fruit juices. According to the association, the increase in consumer interest in fruit juice has come about thanks to the “Fruit Juice Matters” initiative.

The German fruit juice manufacturer Amecke and the Polish Maspex group have something in common: They appreciate the variety that is found in the different kinds of apples and their respective juices. Ariana Amecke-Moennighof, Product Manager at Amecke said, “We believe that premium juices made from homogeneous fruit have potential, particularly on the market, to exceed expectations.” And this is exactly what we aim to do with our ‘My Favorite Apple’ product range.” The fruit juices that the company has on offer include “Cripps Pink,” “Idared,” and “Golden Delicious.” Not unlike Amecke, the Maspex group pours juices from “Antonowka,” “Champion,” and “Jonagold” apples into its cartons. Homogeneous fruit juice has also caught the attention of a company called “beckers beste.” Here we see a particularly interesting marketing strategy: The 13 different juices that fall into this category come in 0.7 L bottles and are being sold in shops in wooden shelving units which have been made from materials sourced exclusively from Germany.

The Homogeneous Juices are Coming

According to a market survey that was carried out by Mintel, the concept of homogeneous juice is definitely here to stay. In Germany, over a quarter of those asked stated that they would enjoy drinking juice that was made from a specific variety of a fruit. In Poland it was closer to 30%. And in France, Spain, and Italy consumers indicated that they too are quite interested in homogeneous fruit juices.

Super Food Smoothies

Even when it comes to smoothies, countless companies are eager to get on board with the latest trends. There are always new ideas popping up here. For instance the organic juicer Voelkel, has new Super Seed Smoothies, in which white chia seeds are mixed with either mango, red berries, or kiwi.

The Topic on Everyone’s Lips: Cold Pressing

Furthermore, there is an interesting trend towards cold pressed juices. The process of cold pressing is said to better preserve the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes as well as the textures and flavors of fruit and vegetable juices. According to Mintel, the number of cold pressed juices that entered the market between 2014 and 2015 worldwide has risen by 121%. In Germany alone by an astonishing 314%. For instance, Elka-Frische has recently expanded its product portfolio to include three cold pressed vegetable juices, scoring additional points for their witty presentation as well. After all, the drinks labeled: “Capitan Carrot,” “Beet-man,” and “Cucumber-nator” certainly make a big impression in their smaller 250 ml PET bottles which are perfect when on the go.

New Sales Channel for the Fruit Juice Industry: Pharmacies

Josef Möller’s fruit juice factory demonstrated that carefully selecting new sales channels can lead to increased market potential. With the launch of “Vitagarten” they created a juice market that is only available in pharmacies across the nation.

Fruit Juice Initiative: “Fruit Juice Matters”

In order to improve the taste of fruit juice for consumers while also making its benefits clear, the European Fruit Juice Union (AIJN), together with 14 other fruit juice unions across the EU, launched the “Fruit Juice Matters” initiative. It is via this platform that these unions in cooperation with an international body of experts aim to publish information and facts centered around the latest scientific knowledge. Klaus Heitlinger, Managing Director of the German Fruit Juice Industrial Union said; “It is our goal to break down the latest research from nutritionists and food scientists into something more suitable for consumers.” A great step towards making fruit juice more attractive across Europe.

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Friederike Arndt

As a freelance trade journalist, Friederike Arndt is regarded as an expert in the area of beverages. She spent a long time writing for, inter alia, the trade magazines Getränkeindustrie (beverage industry) and Getränkefachgroßhandel (beverage wholesale trade). On the blog, she reports on the latest trends and innovations in the field of non-alcoholic beverages.