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Featured post: In a competitive market, the desire to create stand-out, individual packaging options continues to drive the packaging choice made by many beverage producers. This has never been more true than in the non-alcoholic beverage sector, as manufacturers look to the can to communicate messages around premiumization and health through their packaging.

Beverages: Growing diversity on the shelves

Where beer and traditional soft drinks were once the main champions of the can, Ball, the world’s leading can manufacturer, has seen a rise in customers from several non-alcoholic beverage sectors looking to explore options with aluminum cans.

Arjen van Zurk, Marketing Manager at Ball comments: “We have seen a significant rise in non-alcoholic beverage producers coming to us for canning solutions in recent years. From water and coffee to juices and functional drinks, producers are looking for packaging which can differentiate their product on shelf. The development of our aluminum bottles, as well as the rise in popularity of our Slim and Sleek® cans range has ensured that we are attracting a wide array of customers in a variety of categories.”

Personalization and premiumization – key trends of today and tomorrow

The vast canning options now available, not only create a visually striking look on-shelf in terms of the shape of the product, but also in its printed design. Innovative printing techniques have made hyper-personalization a real possibility for brands, big or small. Whether it is extending branded messages onto caps and closures, or using finishes such as Ball’s Thermochromic Ink where the color of the can changes to alert consumers their beverage has reached its optimal temperature, the possibilities of the can as a packaging format are an exciting prospect for a variety of sectors.

Can: Innovative concepts and trends at drinktec

In addition to this, premiumization is also a key trend which is driving an increase in non-alcoholic beverages turning to the can. Ball’s Sleek® can format has been adopted by several health related and premium soft drink options as it embodies these marketing cues to the consumer at the moment of purchase. Arjen van Zurk, Marketing Manager at Ball continues: “We are continually innovating and growing our can portfolio to ensure we anticipate industry developments and trends, and help our customers grow their business. At this year’s drinktec we are particularly excited to launch three new can sizes which reflect the growing demand for individual solutions.”

Welcome to Ball’s Happy Hour

Discussing recent successful case studies such as lemonade brand SKIWATER® and mood enhancement beverage, PYPR, Ball will be hosting ‘Happy Hour’ sessions at their drinktec stand throughout this year’s drinktec event. Located at stand 348, Hall A1, the sessions are aimed at those wishing to explore canning as an option for their product.

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