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Starting today, all the information on drinktec and its family of events abroad will be gathered together here in the drinktec Blog.

Whatever you wanted to know about drinktec, the World´s Leading Trade Fair for the Beverage and Liquid Food Industry—this is the place to find out. But we´ll also be keeping you up-to-date here on news about the global drinktec family, i.e. drink technology India, food & drink technology Africa and China Brew China Beverage.

Provided you keep reading… Because from day to day, week to week, here is where you´ll find exclusive news, interesting themes and stories all about the drinktec Family.

We present exhibitors and the sections at the exhibition. And we tell you something about ourselves, the team behind this event. Petra Westphal, the boss, and her team will be introducing themselves personally here, and only here, on the drinktec Blog.

In words and pictures, we will report on our preparations for the show. We give you a glimpse of our presentations and press conferences around the world. And of course we keep you informed on progress in putting together the supporting program of Events.

But the blog won´t just be about the fair itself, it will also cover specialist themes from the sector. Experts in craft beers, milk and wine will be reporting regularly on current developments and giving you their own personal view: exclusively in the drinktec Blog.

A request: Why not recommend the drinktec Blog to your employees and customers? Then everybody will know about drinktec and what´s going on.

drinktec is of course also on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. So even before the official start in September 2017, you can already follow developments “live” online. We hope you enjoy the experience!

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drinktec Blog-Team

The drinktec team writes reports on everything to do with drinktec and gives insights into what is going on behind the scenes of the trade fair.