Introducing Johannes Manger

PR-Manager Johannes Manger
PR-Manager Johannes Manger

drinktec is like a big family. We all know each other, we get on together, we help each other and through all the years, we stay in touch. When I meet journalists or media people I haven´t seen for a long time, we immediately get talking: Hey, how are you? What´s the latest?, etc. The old, easy familiarity kicks in.

drinktec PR Manager Johannes Manger

Likes travelling both personally and professionally: drinktec PR Manager Johannes Manger

Yes, the beverages business is global—manufacturers and suppliers export to the furthest flung corners of the earth. But contacts within it remain on a human scale. And that applies to the media side, too: Only a few dozen journalists report on and interpret what´s happening in the world of beverages. Many of these people I know personally, and for all the professional distance that a PR man like myself should observe, the tone of relations with these media professionals is very friendly.

For about fifteen years now I have been taking care of the communication side of this tremendous trade fair. I write press releases, speeches, interviews, editorials, welcoming addresses, texts for newsletters, social media, etc., etc. I enjoy the writing—as a trained editor on daily newspapers and with many years of experience as a reporter, it´s something that just comes naturally.

But of course it doesn´t stop with writing texts. Together with my colleague, Isabella Lauf, I am the contact person for the media. About a year before the start of each trade fair, things start to really hot up. Requests pour in from all around the world. We get partners (media, institutions, associations, exhibitors) involved in the communication network of drinktec. There are many parties keen to cooperate with the sector´s No. 1 world fair.

The PR work for drinktec starts very early—about two years before the fair actually opens its doors. Digitalization has brought about many changes here, and everything happens much faster. Online communication is now just as important as print. And social media, too, has a place in B2B communication.

drinktec is definitely worth all the effort. It´s one big family gathering.


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