Introducing Daniela Schellhorn

Daniela Schellhorn
Daniela Schellhorn

When I started at Messe München more than eight years ago, I didn’t think that I would become totally enthusiastic about trade fairs. Surprisingly, although I changed inside of the company from IT trade fairs to drinktec, I am still here and find that organizing trade fair is never boring.

Above all, the international environment and the great variety of our tasks fire my enthusiasm again and again. Even if you manage a fair that takes place in Munich, you deal with co-workers and customers from other countries almost every day and learn so much about other cultures. Every day is also different and you continually face new challenges, especially because we of course always want to offer our customers new services and consequently help them to participate successfully in trade fairs.

At drinktec I especially like the incredibly warm-hearted people in the industry, who are always open to new ideas, but nevertheless are down-to-earth and reliable.


In vino veritas

In vino veritas

In addition, because almost everyone is talking about the products of the work in this industry, you never get away from it.

This is all the more so if you refer to yourself as a “foodie” and find it exciting to get to know new products from around the world, which are manufactured with the technology of our customers. For example, you are in a supermarket in Spain standing in front of the beverage shelf and look for special bottle shapes or particular ingredients and then even find an incentive of one of our beverage manufacturers in a hotel J.

The only downer for me is that drinktec “only” takes place every four years (which has of course good reasons), because although these five days are indeed extremely stressful, at the same time there are the best days ever: I am already looking forward to them now!

Therefore, see you in 473 days at drinktec.

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