Into the future with the new key visual – the “Flow” moves on


“Go with the flow” is the slogan of drinktec. It is an invitation to be a part of the global network of the beverage and liquid food industry, for which drinktec acts as a catalyst and ideas driver. This event connects the sector worldwide, it gets it moving, keeps it flowing, and re-invents it every four years. This spirit comes from dedication: drinktec is an impassioned partner, it has in-depth knowledge of the sector and knows what you expect. And it is enthusiastic about your success. The “Flow” symbolizes this. But just as the beverage sector is moving ahead and developing ever faster, it was also time at drinktec to move on and to swap the old and familiar for a new look. In line with our motto: This is where the future is made. So, the design concept behind drinktec has been given an update.

Vertical instead of horizontal, and a new color combination

The horizontal “Flow” symbol has been our faithful companion for more than ten years and it represents the flow of new information on developments and innovations in the beverage sector. In short: The “Flow” is movement and pure dynamism, it is the supply stream and the signpost, it links the entire global network in the sector.


The Flow in the Course of Time.


The new vertical “Flow” symbolizes an even bigger dynamic and openness. With this upward-striving stream, we are opposing the laws of physics – we are making the impossible possible. drinktec is therefore the driver for your business, and now more than ever it stands for pure innovative power and limitless opportunities. The international trade sector presents its latest developments here at this event. For decades the many creative solutions on show here have been delighting trade visitors and exhibitors from around the world.
We have retained the familiar colors and structure of the “Flow”, but have given it a brand new, more modern dimension, in order to present drinktec 2017 in a contemporary and future-oriented design.
The new design for the drinktec key visual is of course open for your own interpretations. What does it suggest to you? Above all, it communicates transparency and an openness to ideas from around the world, both important attributes of drinktec. Be inspired by the new “Flow” and let your imagination run free.

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