Everything kiwi or what? We were in New Zealand!

Robert Laing, foreign representative New Zealand

Robert Laing, foreign representative New Zealand

Congratulations to everyone who guessed New Zealand! Colloquially called the “green island”, New Zealand is a real highlight in terms of beverage variations.

In New Zealand, Robert Laing and his company Messe Reps. & Travel is our partner for the beverage and liquid food industry. The last time that he was able to attend drinktec was in 2009. It was unfortunately held without him in 2013. All the more reason why he is looking forward to the upcoming drinktec in the autumn of 2017.

In addition to the new key visual, of course meeting exhibitors (especially from New Zealand) and industry visitors from around the world is his personal highlight. Of course, a subsequent drink-stop at Oktoberfest is something that can’t be missed.

His absolute favorite beverage is a lemon milkshake. No wonder then that he would like to create a drink that would be the mixture of a fruity milkshake and an energy drink with lemon flavor. Who knows? Maybe this “Lime Energy Shake” combination will be the new trend of the future!

Do you have questions for our foreign representative in New Zealand? You can find his contact data here:


Tel. +64 9 521 9200

Fax. +64 9 521 9201

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