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Following the success in September 2013, it´s already clear that the next edition of drinktec in 2017 will be another absolute highlight in the calendar of the beverage and liquid food industry. We in the exhibition management team are working with the members of drinktec´s Advisory Board to reach our goal of putting on another top-class event. Together we are strong: Once a year the exhibition group has a meeting with representatives from 30 leading lights in the industry—among them many exhibitors and association members. The aim is to explore themes and exchange ideas on topical issues.

The whole atmosphere at these meetings is highly professional and productive. But on a more personal level, too, the cooperation works very well, as shown by a fun event held after this year´s Advisory Board meeting: To excited cries of “It´s over there on the right”, “Down here”, “1886 is the answer!”, teams of participants raced around Munich city center on a digital GPS tour (a “tabtour” event). Equipped with a tablet and GPS devices the four teams were challenged to complete as many of the approx. 100 tasks as they could within three hours. It was a real test of creativity and ingenuity, and the winner was the one with the most points. Whether it was general knowledge, tricky physical challenges or in-depth information on the City of Munich, all the team members got a chance to contribute their skills and expertise. The teams were seen keeping raw eggs from breaking by wrapping them in straw, demonstrating their target skills and exploring some lesser known corners of the Bavarian capital. All of the participants entered into the spirit of the contest and had great fun dashing around the city. And they certainly got noticed: because they all sported a scarf in bright drinktec orange!

Of course drinktec played a big part in all the tasks and challenges. The teams brainstormed new ideas for exhibitor and visitor campaigns and on how to use the key visual in a new and different way: for example, in Chinese, and packaged as the drinktec Story or the drinktec mascot “Flowy”. It goes without saying that all four artworks earned a special place in the drinktec HQ.

On that afternoon “Go with the flow” became for all the participants more than a claim, it became an outlook on life.

This is how the winners look:

the drinktec team

Josef Fontaine (VLB Versuchs- und Lehranstalt für Brauerei in Berlin e. V.), Volker Kronseder (chairman of the drinktec advisory board), Nicole van Paassen and Petra Westphal (drinktec project group) as well as Joachim Friedsch (Fristam Pumpen KG) enjoyed the evening (v.l.n.r.)


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