drinktec “sans frontières”!

Inna Wiedmann at Nick Barth's office
Inna Wiedmann, Marketing Manager at Nick Barth's office

And that is certainly no exaggeration: drinktec really does cross virtually all borders. All around the world, we have contacts who are looking after the interests of drinktec visitors, exhibitors and partners. In Australia, that person is Nick Barth.

drinktec is for us very much a worldwide family. And therefore it´s only right and proper for family members to pay each other a visit now and then. So, on my last holiday, I took the opportunity of calling on Nick Barth in Australia, and learning some more about the beverages industry there.
For me, the beverage and liquid food industry is all about enjoyment. And drinktec is the place where solutions are presented that enhance the enjoyment of these products. One area that interests me in particular is craft beer, a theme also comes under the umbrella of drinktec, along with SIMEI for the wine industry. Australia has world-renowned vineyards and an amazing variety of craft beers.
Penfolds, for example, is seen as the oldest Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard in Australia. Certainly I am convinced that it has an outstanding range of wines as well as a very distinctive concept that it maintains throughout all aspects of the business, from presentation of the wines to the design of its production facilities.

But the craft beer segment, too, is notable for the strong concept behind the design of microbreweries, beers and product presentations. Consumers can look forward to a unique experience in every pub. And that gets to the heart of what craft beer is all about for me—creativity! The perfect conclusion to my gourmet tour was a tour of Coopers brewery who are dedicated customers of drinktec and our exhibitor KHS. Coopers is the continent´s biggest brewery in Australian ownership.

As you see close links with visitors, exhibitors, partners and colleagues is what makes drinktec unique. When it comes to dedication to the cause, drinktec crosses almost all borders!

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