The drinktec picture puzzle: In which country am I? (Part 1)

As you know certainly yourself, there are drinks and beverage packaging that you find anywhere in the world. In addition, however, there are also drinks and beverage packaging that are characteristic for the respective country. drinktec is not only active worldwide, but also optimally networked everywhere through the foreign representatives of Messe München. Thanks to our partner countries, we have excellent relations to obtain information about beverage variations and packaging solutions on site. Now we want to let you participate in this too. Starting from this week, we are going to show a picture from a beverage department once per month, and you can guess from which country it comes based on the packaging.

We will disclose the correct answer approx. two weeks later, and the foreign representative in the country of the respective picture will present the beverage customs in the country.

And we’re already starting now: In which country are we?


Where do you find us?

Where do you find us?


Here’s wishing you lots of fun guessing, and don’t miss the answer in any case!


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