The drinktec picture puzzle: In which country am I? (Part 2)

Things are slowly getting into gear! In our last picture puzzle, many of you got the right answer with New Zealand. Now let´s see who´s going to crack the next puzzle – Here we go!

This time we´re making it just a bit easier for you—by limiting the search to countries that have Spanish as an official language. So Germany, as the venue for drinktec 2017, is not going to be the right answer! 

In the country we have chosen, the rainy season is from May to October, but in this tropical climate it never really gets cold: the average temperature year round is 27°C. So thirst-quenching drinks are always welcome. There´s a very wide selection of juices to enjoy—in particular pineapple and orange juice, like on our photo. And then of course there´s the rum, which is world-famous.

Where do you find us?

Where do you find us?

Do you know which country we are in? ¿Sabe en qué país nos encontramos?

drinktec tip: The country we are looking for is in the southern hemisphere.

The answer will be revealed next week, here in the drinktec blog. So, have a go and take a guess which country drinktec has landed in this time.

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