Dain on Tour – The ultimative Munich visit, Part 3

As you realized last week, it´s not so easy to find your way in Munich for the first time. This also applies for the way to the Hotel: Lets just say, I got a little bit lost… so the ETA of 6min turned into 20min (we had the map the wrong way round) thankfully the public are willing to help and I finally made it to the Ramada Hotel, my “home” for the next couple of days.

So what to do? Call Markus!

Within 10min, Markus arrived, and with his power of persuasion (and the unimpressed look I had) the hotel managed to have the room ready in 30min. So to kill the time, we had a coffee and a quick catch up and talk about the plans for the day.


Ready or not, here I come:

So finally, I was in, showered and ready for the day… with a quick walk over the road, I was at our Head Office, walking through the huge glass doors, I smile, as it just feels like home. Meet and greet with the new and old friends. Floor 3… this is where the offices of the drinktec cluster can be found at the Messe. I walked in, turned left, and made my way to Markus’ office… as I sat, Steffi came in, big hugs again, and there was a sense of excitement to see everyone. I said hello to the team (Daniela, Christina and all the others) and met the latest member to fdt, Veronika. The rest of the morning was spent brainstorming and exchanging with Markus and Steffi. That afternoon, I finally met the Marketing team, Inna and Steph, it is so much better having a face to a name… business continued as usual. The only member I didn’t meet was Benni (this blog was his idea)… but we will meet soon enough. 

It’s not all work…

So after a full day… the girls of fdt took me out to town… crazy bunch!

As we walked through the streets of Munich, they explained the sites and history, as well as showing their humour side with certain stores, (yes Inna, we have shoe stores in JHB haha!).

The taste of Bavaria!

I was taken to the Augustiner restaurant, and I devoured the traditional Bavarian delights.


Once we had finished, Markus and I decided to stop in at a very popular Irish Pub, the vibe was amazing, people laughing and enjoying the night. We sadly had to leave, because

a. we had work the next morning

b. the last train was about to go in a few minutes…

An amazing evening was just excelled by a nice working day at the following morning. To understand what I mean just follow this blog next tuesday.

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