“Brewed in the USA”

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Where do you find us?

The first picture quiz has been solved and most of you will have recognized which country it was: the United States of America!



In the US, Jerry Kallman Jr., and his company Kallman Expo, is one of our contacts for the beverage and liquid food industry. Jerry has been a faithful supporter of drinktec for many years, and he was also involved in the US Pavilion at drinktec 2013 in Munich.

We asked Jerry a few questions about drinktec:

drinktec: Jerry, do you have any special memories of drinktec?

Jerry: The atmosphere at this fair: It is just amazing! For everybody at drinktec, this event means a lot of work, but it´s work that is always combined with pleasure. This atmosphere is unique and we could see it was appreciated by every visitor to the US Pavilion who stopped by for a craft beer served by the Craft Beer Association.

drinktec: What will be the highlight at the upcoming drinktec 2017?

Jerry: All the many talks with customers that our exhibitors will have. There are always lots of success stories and great moments at drinktec.

drinktec: Jerry, what is currently your favorite drink?

Jerry: An Augustiner Helles from a wooden barrel—you can´t beat it J

drinktec: And if you were to create a beer, what would it taste like?

Jerry: Just like my favorite drink—an Augustiner Helles!


If you would like to contact Jerry Kallman ahead of the show, here are his details:


Tel. +1 201 652 7070

Fax +1 201 652 3898

For all others: Remember his photo, and you´ll be sure to spot him in the halls at drinktec 2017. He will most certainly be there!

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