Hola – drinktec on tour in the southern hemisphere

This time it wasn´t so easy, it seems. But again there were many who had the right answer.
The photo is of South America, or more precisely of Caracas, the capital of Venezue-la.

In Venezuela Ana Chenche and her team are the contacts for all questions when it comes to drinktec 2017 and the beverages and liquid food industry.

Ana Chenche (left) and Karelys Laya (left), foreign representatives Venezuela

Ana Chenche (left) and Karelys Laya (left), foreign representatives Venezuela

We did a short interview with Ana Chenche:

drinktec: What is your connection to the beverages industry?

Ana: The beverages industry in Venezuela has great potential, in particular as re-gards the production of beer, wine and other alcoholic drinks. Venezuelan rum, for example, is very well known.

drinktec: Ana, what will be the highlight for you at drinktec 2017?

Ana: For our companies, important highlights will be the new developments in the themes of energy, water and waste water.

drinktec: What is your favorite drink?

Ana: I like cold green tea.

drinktec: If you could create a drink, what would it taste like, smell like and look like?

Ana: If I were to create a drink, then it would be refreshing and healthy, it wouldn´t be carbonated or too sweet, and it wouldn´t be alcoholic.

If you would like to ask Ana Chenche anything about drinktec 2017, then you can reach her via the following contact details:


Tel. +58 212 277 38 50
Fax +58 212 277 38 12

For all the others, the next picture puzzle is waiting to be solved.
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