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The “Milk Focus Day” has become a firm fixture at drinktec. On September 15, the world’s leading trade fair for the beverage and liquid food industry will be completely devoted to milk.

The Milk Focus Day will be held as part of the drinktec Forum. The event will look at current and upcoming trends in the dairy industry. Everything will focus on the latest technical developments and on the markets themselves. The individual topics will be presented by designated experts in their respective fields and will appeal to numerous representatives of the dairy industry through their topicality and industry relevance.

Trends in nutrition: “free-from” and “animal welfare”

There is growing awareness among consumers surrounding balanced and sustainable diets – a development that is gaining traction and that will be addressed by Julia Büch from the British Mintel Group Ltd. on Milk Focus Day. In addition to the “free-from” wave, she will also report on products that put special emphasis on animal welfare, which are two challenging fields when it comes to claims made by products and advertisements. In her presentation, she will also highlight the challenges that milk processors and the market can anticipate as a result.

Process intensification with microwave vs. classic pasteurization

Another topic that the dairy industry is concerned with is the use of microwaves in food production. What has long been standard practice in the kitchen has not yet been successfully adapted for use on an industrial scale. The reason for this is that the requirements for throughput and energy consumption in liquid-process technology are high. Dr. Ana Lucía Vásquez-Caicedo from the Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology (IGB) will report on new approaches in this field. Accordingly, microwave radiation could finally become established as a norm in milk processing. The solution: a reduction in fouling through rapid and even heating.

Extended milk shelf life through the gentle LTST method

Milk processors are increasing their focus on the use of a new method: the low-temperature, short-time process (LTST). What’s special about this process is that it prolongs the shelf life of milk by up to 63 days. The concept was developed at Purdue University in the U.S. and the method works entirely without the use of added chemicals. Visitors can learn all about the research project and this specific milk processing method at the drinktec Forum.

Milk protein fractionation through microfiltration

Membrane separation processes often take place today in consecutive cascades. This means that the end product of a filtration stage is also the feeder product for additional separations. Hans-Jürgen Heidebrecht, member of the Chair for Food and Bioprocess Engineering, ZIEL – Institute for Food & Health at the Technical University of Munich, will report on the status of research and technology on Milk Focus Day. The presentation will provide an overview of work on milk protein fractionation using ceramic multichannel, spiralwound and hollow fiber membranes. He will also present several concepts that help improve control of inhomogeneous filtration performance along the membrane flow path for these membrane types.

Milk Focus Day – more than just presentations

It’s not just the expert forum that’s worth a visit during drinktec’s Milk Focus Day: The Central Association of German Dairy Farming (ZDM) is bringing its members to its annual conference in Munich and will round off the program with a festive event in the afternoon. On September 15, the year’s best students in dairy science will be honored in the afternoon at a traditional and festive annual event hosted by the German Federal Minister of Agriculture. The latest technical information, an overview of state-of-the-art technology, and sharing with colleagues make this day at drinktec a must for all dairy producers!

Roland Sossna

The trained dairy expert, agricultural engineer and freelance journalist Roland Sossna is part of the editorial staff of the trade magazine molkerei-industrie (dairy industry) and IDM International Dairy Magazine. He regularly presents outstanding innovations from the dairy industry on the blog.