Themed Week Marketing: Dairies offering a wide range of products

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The extensive needs and wishes of today’s consumers are reflected in the huge variety of dairy products that are available. Some segments are particularly successful: Lactose-free and lactose-reduced products, for example, are becoming increasingly popular. Not surprising, considering that around one in seven people in Germany suffers from lactose intolerance.

Lactose-free products and co.: Trends in the product range

In recent years, lactose-free products have become big sellers. According to a study carried out by the market research company Nielsen, the market volume in Germany rose to 204 million euros in 2016. However, the growth rate of almost nine percent, as it stood between 2012 and 2016, is now gradually declining – it’s clear that the market has been inundated with lactose-free products.

Marketers at dairies and in retail have already responded to this development with new concepts. “GMO-free” milk, for example, is currently establishing itself on the market. This trend began in southern Germany and has gradually also taken hold in the central and northern parts of the country. 3.6 million tons of GMO-free milk are already on the market and the trend is on the rise. The “GMO-free” claim can be seen on an increasing number of packages. A differentiation between different types of milk is also making an appearance on labels – an initiative by dairies in Southern Germany. New types include “normal” organic milk, demeter organic milk, standard pasture milk or organic pasture milk.

Consumers are facing too many choices

Experts in the industry are well-informed about this abundance of products. Consumers, on the other hand, have the privilege and, at the same time, are faced with too many choices as new variations and innovations continue to crop up in dairy product ranges. From a purely technical viewpoint, dairies today can meet all consumer wishes for specific types of milk. That is, as long as they have highly flexible process technology and an adequately sized warehouse for the raw materials.

Suitable technical solutions to meet the individual needs of dairies can be found at the upcoming drinktec. On Milk Focus Day, visitors can also learn interesting facts about the latest technologies in the dairy sector. Anyone who’s interested can also find out about the latest trends in the keynote speech by Julia Münch from the renowned market research company Mintel on “The Spirit of our Times: Free-From and Animal Welfare”, which will be held on September 15.

Roland Sossna

The trained dairy expert, agricultural engineer and freelance journalist Roland Sossna is part of the editorial staff of the trade magazine molkerei-industrie (dairy industry) and IDM International Dairy Magazine. He regularly presents outstanding innovations from the dairy industry on the blog.