Conference tourism of the milk industry: Dairy Congress in Munich – or Trade Forum in Brussels?

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Roland Sossna at the Dairy Congress in Munich

Taking the temperature: Roland Sossna at the Dairy Congress in Munich

As a professional conference tourist, today I am at the Dairy Congress 2016 organized by Lebensmittel Zeitung in Munich. Once again it´s a major event, attracting no less than 170 participants. It´s hard to believe in the highly concentrated German milk industry that so many people can be spared to go to such an event. Not to mention the abysmally low price of milk which is forcing at least the dairy cooperatives to slash all expenses. But of course the grandees in the industry, except for Christian Ehrmann who is gracing the Dairy Congress with his illustrious presence, are not spending time here – they are at a trade forum of the milk industry association in Brussels….

Not all the items on the program or all the lectures are interesting. I think I´ll offer my services as a consultant for the next edition of the conference in 2017, to ensure that at least a few more interesting topics are on the agenda. Perhaps then the godfathers of the sector will be tempted back?

But, just to make things clear: Overall the Lebensmittel-Zeitung congress is indeed an interesting event, and a good opportunity for networking. And it does deliver a few quote-worthy statements here and there.

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Roland Sossna


Roland Sossna

The trained dairy expert, agricultural engineer and freelance journalist Roland Sossna is part of the editorial staff of the trade magazine molkerei-industrie (dairy industry) and IDM International Dairy Magazine. He regularly presents outstanding innovations from the dairy industry on the blog.