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Themed Week Resources: PIWIs – The Grape Varieties of the Future?

“Maréchal Foch”, “Regent”, “Solaris”: Perhaps you’ve heard of them or maybe even given them a try? These unusual names denote fungus-resistant grape varieties, affectionately nicknamed PIWIs. They are more abundant than many people would think and have many advantages over traditional grape varieties. Despite this they remain largely unknown on the market.


The wine market in Germany: A complex structure

There are only three countries in the world with wine markets that are larger than that of Germany: the US, France and Italy. All three countries have significant winemaking industries. However, in contrast to Germany, the populations of those countries prefer to drink domestic wines. The French and the Italians in particular are very patriotic when it comes to wine...

reife Weintrauben

Modern Technology in Viticulture

From the cultivation and upkeep of vines, to harvesting and processing, right through to the bottling and storage of wine—there is still a great deal of manual work involved in viticulture and wine production today. But even here technology is being put to use, increasing the efficiency of processes and saving time. Numerous exhibitors will be attending SIMEI@drinktec in Munich,...

Verschlüsse für Weinflaschen

Put a cork in it

Merely keeping bottles sealed? That was yesterday! Now closures for wine bottles have to meet more stringent requirements. Are we on the road to “smart” closures?

Rum is the New Whiskey”

The old mariners’ drink is far more than just an ingredient in cocktails or grog: More and more aficionados are discovering this distillate of sugarcane as a new and premium delicacy, which is best taken neat—not only in Mojitos and Cuba Libres!

a glas of gin

Gin is still in

Straight or in a cocktail, the enormous selection and variety of flavors has furthered the success of the juniper-based spirit to such an extent that it has become more than just the summer’s trendiest tipple. It would be impossible to imagine a bar without gin, with creative keeps forever coming up with new ways to mix it.


“Shaken, not stirred!”

With this famous catchphrase of James Bond, we welcome you to Part III of our mini series on beverage bloggers. We´ve already introduced you to the wine and beer bloggers. Now we turn to spirits. These bloggers test, mix and also make hard liquor. And they do it with great skill and expertise. Who are the bloggers? A...

Wine bottles at SIMEI@drinktec

The World of Wine Bloggers

Blogs are an indispensable part of the digital world. You can continually discover new blogs, one click here or there, and consequently learn about new developments and stay up to date. That is also the reason why we at drinktec are so impressed by the many beverage bloggers. Like drinktec itself, blogs never stand still. You are always on the...

Wine bottles at SIMEI@drinktec

Introducing SIMEI@drinktec

The SIMEI special exhibition will be on show at drinktec 2017 for the first time—on a total of 20,000 square meters of space in Halls C1 and C2. SIMEI has been organized by the Italian wine association UIV (Unione Italiana Vini Società Cooperative) since 1963, and it is now the world´s leading trade fair for wine technology. The event in...