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Full of Ideas and Innovation — the Fruit Juice Industry

Whether it’s plain juices, or super juices, or freshly squeezed juices, or smoothies, according to GfK—one of the world’s largest market research companies—they are all responsible for a boost in sales of fruit based drinks. Countless fruit juice manufacturers have recognized this trend and have met the growing demand for the extraordinary by developing interesting products and concepts such as...

Mineral Water Breaks All Records

The industry has recently had some very exciting news: 2016 was a record year for German mineral springs. A total of 11.3 billion liters of natural mineral and curative water were consumed in Germany during the last year.

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Sweet and Healthy – a Winning Combination

It’s a “yes” to sweetness, but a “no” to sugar wherever possible – the drinks industry has responded to this trend, which is seeing many consumers turn their backs on sugar as a sweetener because they perceive it as unhealthy, by coming up with an increasing number of new sweetener concepts.