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Food and beverage industry: Cleverly communicating a product’s health benefits and its additives to the consumer raises a number of challenges.

Themed Week Marketing: Demystifying the world of additives

In the food and beverage industry, products offering customers that “healthy edge” are both sales drivers and motors for innovation. The success of these products depends entirely on whether customers see them as effective and natural. Cleverly communicating a product’s health benefits and its additives to the consumer raises a number of challenges.

Where beer and soft drinks were once the main champions of the can, the manufacturer Ball has seen a rise in customers from non-alcoholic beverage sectors.

Canning: beyond beer

Featured post: In a competitive market, the desire to create stand-out, individual packaging options continues to drive the packaging choice made by many beverage producers. This has never been more true than in the non-alcoholic beverage sector, as manufacturers look to the can to communicate messages around premiumization and health through their packaging.

Bioplastics the future

Are bioplastics the future?

We hear more and more about bioplastics these days. But what exactly does this term mean? How much information do consumers already have about using bioplastics? And what benefits can the beverage packaging industry leverage from bioplastics today?

Packaging opens up opportunities

Themed Week Flexibility: Think outside the box and stay on the ball – packaging opens up opportunities

Every single day, billions of people around the world buy consumer goods and food. The majority of these purchases come in some form of packaging. Beyond protecting its contents, packaging has also come to be an important tool for marketing and branding, given its important function of conveying messages to the consumers. Even when it comes to soft drinks, a...


Are non-alcoholic beverages surrounded by organic hype, too?

The days when organic products could only be found in health stores and organic-food stores are long gone. Now organic hype has pervaded all distribution channels, as verified by the latest figures. Even non-alcoholic beverages are becoming increasingly organic, and consumers place value on the use of organic raw materials.


Themed week Flavor variety: Niche Success on the Agenda for Soft Drinks Too

In Germany, consumption of soft drinks is currently on a slight downward trend. Globally, however, the trend is somewhat different: Although per capita consumption of carbonated soft drinks is evidently decreasing in Europe, North and Latin America and Australasia, it is (according to GlobalData) on a slight upward trend in Asia and even experiencing a major upturn in the Middle...

Rose Diamond Water

Themed Week Resources: Not all water is alike

Water is the most important raw material in the world and continues to increase in significance in various parts of the beverage industry. Industry insiders and gourmets have known one thing for a long time: Not all water is alike. But in many cases, consumers hardly notice differences between the many bottled waters. They want to drink water more often,...