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Trend: Reduced sugar in soft drinks

“The age of sugar is coming to an end” stated a recent headline in the Süddeutsche Zeitung relating soft drinks without sugar. And the Weiss-Institut, which calls itself “an expert in treating addiction,” now offers treatments for withdrawal from sugar addiction, in addition to cigarettes and alcohol. Needless to say, the perception of sugar is rapidly changing. An increasing number...


Trends: The non-alcoholic beverage industry in 2038

The trends forecast by market research companies for the non-alcoholic beverage industry for 2019 are not all that surprising. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to remember that these are trends that the industry has been experiencing for some time, although, admittedly, with varying degrees of intensity and change. In other words, these are trends that have a tendency to strengthen and...

Plastic, the sustainable packaging – innovative solutions unwrap a competitive boost

Plastic, the sustainable packaging – innovative solutions unwrap a competitive boost

More and more consumers have been leaning harder toward sustainability in their purchasing decisions. The trend is unstoppable, and one that producers of nonalcoholic beverages and their suppliers will have to adapt to if they want to maintain or expand their market shares. One aspect of this business that consumers are paying more attention to is beverage packaging. And the...

Personalized beverages: a must for the entire industry in the future?

Personalized beverages: a must for the entire industry in the future?

“Product personalization is an important trend. We will see more and more of it in the future,” says Dr. Jens Rothenstein, Senior Project Manager at IFH in Cologne, Germany. This is a trend that producers of nonalcoholic beverages should take into account if they want to hold their ground in the market. The trend toward personalized beverages is no longer...

World’s first fruit juice sommelier training

World’s first fruit juice sommelier training

In mid-2010, the Zukunftsinstitut (Future Institute) in Kelkheim, Germany identified what it called the “sommelier effect” as one of 50 microtrends. And indeed, there is growing interest in various sommelier training courses, a development confirmed by Dr. Peter Schropp, head of seminars at Doemens Academy. The academy’s latest project is the world’s first fruit juice sommelier training course, held in...

Matcha, the new healthy pick-me-up: powder with potential

Matcha, the new healthy pick-me-up: powder with potential

Matcha is a green tea powder that was originally used in Japanese tea ceremonies. However, this emerald powder has gradually been finding its way into various products in the food and beverage industry. Now numerous beverage producers are on the look-out for innovative, healthy beverage concepts, but the real question is whether it also has the potential to generate impressive...

A spicey beverage next to herbs and spices

Drinking herbs and spices: Turmeric, basil and lavender create a real taste sensation

Herbs and spices can be found in practically every kitchen. After all, there are many dishes that benefit from their unmistakable and delicious flavor. And over the centuries, herbs and spices have been used as cures in traditional medicine. Because they’re such commonly used ingredients, it’s surprising that they haven’t made their way into the products produced by the non-alcoholic...

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Sugar tax on soft drinks: useful or a waste?

The United Kingdom has began levying a sugar tax on high-sugar soft drinks on April 6, 2018 – something which is paid by manufacturers and , as a rule, passed on to consumers. The tax has prompted numerous discussions surrounding sugar in beverages – and not just in Great Britain.

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Looking to the future: are insect drinks set to be the next big thing?

You certainly cannot accuse the non-alcoholic beverage industry of shunning innovation. Innovative sweetening concepts, beverage creations with superfruits or superseeds and new color concepts – there is innovation everywhere you look. Nevertheless, the question arises: Is this innovative enough or could innovation reach new levels in the future? Perhaps in the form of insect drinks?

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The future of the beverage industry: Flexibility as a competitive factor

Highly efficient technology that adapts to new conditions and customers’ wishes simply and quickly – this is what the non-alcoholic beverage industry wants. In this regard, flexibility is playing an increasingly important role – ideally, flexibility achieved with compact and space-saving machine concepts. Supplier industries offer interesting options. One that is increasingly attracting attention is the new generation of robots.