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Some pretzels and a beer

Retail perspectives: Regionality and quality are a window of opportunity

Trend regionality: Regional, environmentally compatible and top-quality food is experiencing an upswing. Especially younger consumers are more discerning about products and make conscious buying decisions. In the beverage industry, too, high-quality, regional products are gaining popularity. This new consciousness can be harnessed as an opportunity for retail: Companies offering quality regional brands, expertise and individual advice attract customers and win...

Sustainability in the beverage trade: Reusable Bottles

Sustainability in the beverage trade: Reuse, individual service and well-informed customers are the winning recipe

Reusable bottles have a decisive advantage compared to single-use bottles: They create less waste and help protect the environment. They are, however, often more expensive and are rarely sold in the retail trade. Many consumers are unaware what the exact difference is between single-use and reusable, and tend to pay more attention to the price and practical aspects when making...

Die Chancen der Digitalisierung: E-Commerce im Getränkehandel

The Opportunities of Digitalization: E-Commerce in the Drinks Industry

Unlike in England and France, the e-commerce market for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) in Germany is still in its infancy. FMCG covers consumer goods catering to everyday needs, such as drinks, food, and household products. In 2015, its proportion of total e-commerce sales was still below one percent, but drinks accounted for almost 50% of those sales. The German...