Drink cans: Resealability is the next big thing

Eine Frau trinkt an der Eisbachwelle aus einer Dose

Featured post: Those days of spilling a drink on yourself or having a bee buzz right into your favorite beverage are now a thing of the past. These are just two of the many advantages offered by the new resealable system for drink cans that XOLUTION will introduce to a specialist audience for the first time at drinktec 2017, in Hall A2 / Stand 507.

With Relock, XOLUTION will present the world’s first truly reliable seal for cans at this year’s drinktec trade fair. Beverage cans equipped with Relock are the perfect companion wherever you go: The device keeps both the carbonation and beverage safely locked away behind the can’s seal – perfect for people who are on the go and want to quench their thirst, without soaking their clothes, bags or car seats.

Beverage cans from XOLUTION: the all-rounder

Furthermore, not only consumers stand to benefit from Relock. The new type of sealing system pays off in big ways for retailers, brands and bottlers, too. Retailers will also be happy to hear that the resealable can retains its normal size and form, two critical elements for storage and sales. Brands will also appreciate the flexibility that Relock has to offer – the lid can be adapted to feature  specific corporate colors. Relock makes life easy on bottlers as well, as it requires either no changes or only marginal ones to their filling lines: Once the appropriate setting for the seal has been established, a drop-in concept responsible for the transition from traditional to XO lids is in place. What’s more, the filling equipment can still hum along at its usual speeds when it is operating with XO lids.

The comeback of the can

The positive trends in the can market – particularly throughout Germany and the United States – could play right into the hands of XOLUTION. Ten years ago, the can was regarded as somewhat of an outcast among beverage packaging. Today, it has almost completely restored its once tarnished reputation. This is largely due to continuous improvements with regard to the overall ecological balance. Of course, the can takes a large amount of energy to produce. But it scores big points once its recycling rate enters the game: In Germany, 93.6 percent of cans are recycled. Therefore, the beverage can is not an environmental outlaw by any stretch of the imagination and is truly a sustainable product.

Just like Relock: The aluminum is separated from the plastic during the recycling process, thus eliminating the risk that the two materials could mix together.

XOLUTION on good prospects and drinktec

 XOLUTION has big plans for the future, CEO Marc von Rettberg says: “The company is focusing initially on Germany, Europe and the United States. Russia, China and the Middle East are also interesting to us.” The company’s goals are ambitious, but not unrealistic. “We intend to produce up to 250 million units in 2018 and then 800 million in 2020,” explains von Rettberg.

Interested decision-makers from the international beverage industry can get a close-up look at Relock while visiting XOLUTION’s stand (Hall A2/Stand 507) at drinktec – as well as talk in person with XOLUTION. Make an appointment today!

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