New Star in the Craft Beer Sky

New Star in the Craft Beer Sky
Enzo Frauenschuh (left) and Matthias Gruber are "Ms. Gruber"

Here on the drinktec blog, we are going to start taking a regular look at the most significant newcomers to the craft beer scene. First up is “Frau Gruber” a craft startup from Augsburg.

Enzo Frauenschuh and his partner Matthias Gruber are currently among the most creative newcomers to the craft beer scene. The two pals from Augsburg have known each other since childhood and are now making their craft-beer dream a reality with their very own brand. Their label is called “Frau Gruber”, a combination of their two surnames, and is really making waves among fans.

In January, the two Bavarians launched a true assault on the market, simultaneously introducing five new and unusual beers to the market. The unique flavor is not the only thing that sets these brews apart though, as “Frau Gruber” is only available in stylish cans. Enzo Frauenschuh is the brains behind the beer. The 35-year-old spent several years working as master brewer at Aubgsburg brewery Riegele BierManufaktur, where he gained initial experience with unconventional beers. Now, alongside his own venture, this jack of all trades is also head brewer at Camba Bavaria’s “Old Factory” in Gundelfingen – a “Craft Beer World” including a brewery, taproom and shop, which represents an entirely new concept in the industry. Frauenschuh learned his craft at TU München in Weihenstephan, the creative hotbed for international star brewers. His partner, Matthias Gruber, mainly handles sales, having founded “Liquid Hops” a few years back, the largest distributor of craft beer in southern Germany.

So far, alongside modern interpretations of Helles and Kellerbier varieties, the two Augsburg natives have also included pale ale, India pale ale, Imperial India pale ale and stout in their portfolio. So, what’s next on their to-do list? “We have countless ideas for projects that we want to push forward with now,” reveals Enzo Frauenschuh. He goes on to explain that he is thinking about the selection of beers currently on offer, and how they could possibly be improved. After all, the master brewer’s art lies not simply in creating one good beer and brewing it but rather in always producing it to the same level of quality, if not even better. He also intends to bring out an “experimental range” this year and focus more on the topic of yeast.

Anyone interested will be able to try all “Frau Gruber” varieties at the place2beer area at the forthcoming drinktec. place2beer will play host to perhaps the most creative and exciting newcomers of the craft beer scene, who will be happy to welcome to you to their stands and talk about their projects. This will be sure to make Hall B1 a hot spot for any beer lovers wanting to sample some truly unique brews, with the space of around 500 square meters providing attendees with the opportunity to taste creations from a whole range of brewers free of charge. There will also be live tasting sessions and panel discussions on hot topics such as “women and beer” and “beer and food.”


Mareike Hasenbeck

Mareike Hasenbeck is a freelance journalist with her own craft beer blog (Feiner Hopfen), she is also a beer sommelier and an international expert for beer sensory certified by the DLG (German Agricultural Society).