Holla die Bierfee – simply enchanting!

The successful team “Holla die Bierfee”, four women from the town of Hof in Upper Franconia, will be presenting their specialty beers at place2beer.
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The drinktec blog regularly presents the coolest newcomers to the craft beer scene. This time it’s the successful team “Holla die Bierfee”, four women from the town of Hof in Upper Franconia, who will be presenting their exclusive specialty beers at place2beer in Hall B1.

With the rapid rise of the craft beer industry, there is an increasing number of women at the brewing vats. And the four Franconian women from “Holla die Bierfee” have proven that they’ve entirely mastered the craft. Their label originated five years ago while they were out one evening at their regular bar. The brains behind it are Gisela and Monica Meinel, whose family runs the Meinel Brewery in Hof, along with Isabella Straub from the Drei Kronen Brewery in Memmelsdorf and Yvonne Wernlein from the Haberstumpf Brewery in Trebgast.

Brewed by women for women

While enjoying a beer at their favorite bar, the young brewmasters observed what was going on around them. They weren’t at all pleased that the other women in the tavern ordered only Aperol spritz cocktails and ignored the good Franconian beer specialties on the menu. In high spirits, the four up-and-coming brewers got to talking and finally came up with an idea: a beer by women for women. “The concept of offering a fine brew for female aficionados was long overdue,” says Gisela (Gisi) Meinel. The four Franconians ultimately wound up developing their own label and creating special beers that fell outside of the mainstream. In order to reach their female target group, the women behind Holla die Bierfee didn’t just come up with an original name – they also designed pink labels and packaged their beers in stylish, bulbous bottles with cork stoppers.

Each contributes her own individual touch

The four Bavarian women were virtually predestined to go into brewing. Yvonne, Isabella, Moni and Gisi all hail from traditional Franconian brewing families. In producing their “fairy potion,” they each contribute their own special passion for a certain ingredient. One of them takes care of the malts, one does the hops, another does the yeast or looks after the quality of the water. The team is now made up of only three, Yvonne Wernlein having left the venture for personal reasons. The three Upper Franconians stay true to their motto and brew only two craft specialties per year: the “Sommerbierfee” and the “Winterbierfee”.

Experience a different kind of midsummer night’s dream

The current top seller is called “Sommernachtstraum” (midsummer night’s dream). It’s a six-percent spelt pale ale with a reddish-orange color that’s reminiscent of a sunset. Loaded with aromatic hops and fermented with Bavarian wheat-beer yeast and French white-wine yeast, the ale is entirely captivating with its fruity notes of mandarin, peach and blood orange. Holla die Bierfee lends itself well as an aperitif or pairs nicely with light dishes such as chicken or fish. But the beers are more than “by women for women”: More and more men are enjoying their creations too, even if they frequently send their wives to buy them.

Lots of beer specialties at drinktec

Craft beer fans can sample the beer specialties from Holla die Bierfee in the place2beer area at drinktec and be inspired by the various innovative tastes. The beer area at the trade fair has a lot of other things in store too: This is where the most creative and exciting newcomers to the craft beer scene await visitors at their booths, eager to share information about their projects. Hall B1 is sure to be a hotspot for beer lovers who are keen to try unusual brews. Interested visitors can also sample creations here from many other brewers free of charge over a space of 500 square meters. There are also live tastings and panel sessions on current topics such as “women and beer,” “beer and food” and “beer and cheese”. More information is available in the supporting program.

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