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We are continuing with our mini-series about beverage bloggers. While everything was about interesting wine blogs last week, beer bloggers are the focus in this issue. It was really difficult to make a selection here. You can find our top three here:


Who blogs?

The bloggers from Cornwall (UK) write under the pseudonyms Jessica Boak and Bailey Ray and call themselves geeks when it comes to beer and pubs.


Beer and pub recommendations, advice and some crazy-looking columns such as “How To Be A Beer Geek”.


The column ‘Christmas Gifts for Beer Lovers‘. It is still a while until Christmas, but you should still note this blog. Christmas always comes so surprisingly fast.


Who blogs?

Jackie Dodd, author of “The Craft Beer Cookbook” and “Craft Beer Bites Cookbook”. She received the award for Best Beer Coverage in the 2015 Saveur Blog Awards.


Craft beer and the endless possibilities to refine tasty dishes with it.


Beer can also be added there! Dodd shows everything that is possible when cooking with beer. This site definitely makes you hungry.


Who blogs?

It all started with the college friends Jack Muldowney and Tom White. The team has grown to four members in the meantime.


The craft scene in general with reviews, news, beer of the month, event announcements and especially interviews with craft beer brewers.

Favorite column:

Beer Travels. Insider tips and recommendations that you should definitely include in your plans for your next city break if you want to taste an exceptional beer.

Other recommendations




drinktec Blog-Team

The drinktec team writes reports on everything to do with drinktec and gives insights into what is going on behind the scenes of the trade fair.