Craft beer boom: beer varieties as diverse as their makers

Craft beer boom: beer varieties as diverse as their makers
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Unrestrained beer creations such as Wuida Hund, beers brewed with plums and raisins, or original beers made by women who are mixing up what used to be the domain of men: The craft beer scene is vibrant and growing increasingly popular. According to the German Brewers Federation, 1,408 brewers currently produce their creations in Germany; that’s 100 more than just 10 years ago—thanks to craft breweries. But why exactly do people love to drink these specialty beers?

For answers, just listen to the protagonists in the story: They live and love the art of brewing and infuse a lot of passion in developing each new individual style. For them, going “back to the roots” isn’t taking a step back; it’s a step forward. Connecting with the roots allows them to keep a pulse on the times: Consumers these days buy more consciously, reflect on the past, and prefer a stronger local economy with smaller producers creating handmade products. These craft beer makers are curious and love to experiment, which are the perfect traits for craft breweries.

In our podcast, craft beer brewers, beer sommeliers, and industry insiders discuss what makes craft beer so appealing, what the future holds for the market, and why everyone is excited to go to drinktec:



  • Georg Schneider, president of the Bavarian Brewers Federation: A vibrant world of enjoyment
  • Kirsten Rhein, brewer at Tölzer Mühlfeldbräu
  • Markus Hoppe, master brewer and manager at Hoppebräu
  • Timm Schnigula, manager at Crew Republic
  • Elisabeth Stiglmaier, beer sommelier at Hopfenerlebnishof Stiglmaier

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