Amazing beer records

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Beer is enjoyed all around the world. And some amazing records have been set.

Strongest beer

The strongest beer in the world comes from Franconia, in the north of Bavaria. “Schorschbock 57” from Brauerei Schorschbräu has 57.5% alcohol, so it´s definitely not something for beginners. A Scottish beer, “Snake Venom”, once held this record. It had an amazing 67.5% alcohol content, but is no longer produced.


Longest storage

Alcoholic beers can be stored for a long time. The Boston-based Samuel Adams Brewery in the US State of Massachusetts produces “Utopias”, a deep black beer with 27% alcohol. It matures in the barrel for up to sixteen years, and is sold at a price of around 180 US dollars.



Amazing, but true – in 1977 American Steven Petrosino managed to down a liter of beer in just 1.3 seconds. A record that to this day has not been broken. An Englishman, Peter Dowdeswell, drank 45 liters in three hours, a feat which earned him an entry in the Guinness Book of Records.


Most expensive beer

The Danish brewery Carlsberg produces a “vintage” beer that can be kept for 50 years. At 270 euros per bottle, this is the most expensive beer available today in the world. This price was topped only once before – when a “Löwenbräu Lager”, saved from the Hindenburg airship which came to a disastrous end in 1937, was auctioned off. For 11,000 euros.


Longest beer table

In the small town of Bad Blankenburg in Thuringia in central Germany, a unique record was set on July 5, 1992. Around 20,000 guests all came together around a beer table, measuring 3,582 meters in length. A record that still stands today. At this beer event, around 25,000 liters of beer were served.


Biggest consumers

No, not the Germans, but the Czechs consume most beer. In 2015 around 147 liters per person were drunk there. In second place are the Namibians, with 108 liters, followed by Austria which manages 105 liters. Germany fell in the rankings to fourth place, with 101 liters.


Fastest bottle opener

This must be one of the strangest records to do with beer: Frenchman François Monin, a bar manager in the English town of Brighton, opened 2,000 beer bottles in 24 minutes in 2014. That is an average of ten bottles in around seven seconds.


Fastest pourer

At fairs and festivals people like Philip Traber of Düsseldorf are much in demand. In 2009 he poured out 250 glasses of beer from a 50-liter barrel in just 4 minutes and 55 seconds. Not a single drop was spilled as he poured the beer into 0.25-liter pils glasses. He set a world record and earned an entry in the Guinness Book of Records.


Furthest throw of a beer bottle

In Russia there is a whole host of curious records, most of them to do with vodka rather than beer. But one amazing feat is the world record set by Helmut Maskroskrowitsch from Belarus, who in 1995 threw a beer bottle a distance of 82.3 meters.


Carrying the most glasses at once

At Munich´s Oktoberfest there are no doubt many noteworthy but unrecorded achievements. One that was recorded, however, was that by Oliver Strümpfl, a beer waiter from Abensburg in Bavaria, who in 2013 managed to carry 27 liter glasses at once over a distance of 40 meters.

Mareike Hasenbeck

Mareike Hasenbeck is a freelance journalist with her own craft beer blog (Feiner Hopfen), she is also a beer sommelier and an international expert for beer sensory certified by the DLG (German Agricultural Society).