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Themed Week Flexibility: In Dairies, Flexibility is Key

The number of products produced in dairies is constantly growing. It is often not the dairies, however, which take the initiative to keep increasing the variety in stores. Instead, it is the retailers themselves who want to set their own brands apart from their competitors’ with special or seasonal products. For the manufacturer, that means adjusting their process technologies.

Produkt-Variationen und -Innovationen

Themed week Flavor variety: Product variations and innovations: The agony or pleasure of having to choose?

The range of dairy products is incredibly large – much more extensive than what consumers are used to with beer and other beverages. And every year new products are added to the selection of dairy products. Some of them are so-called line extensions, or expansions to existing product lines by adding new flavors. Innovations account for the other new products.

Milk and dairy products

Packaging also subject to trends!

PET bottles, flexible packaging and on-the-go products: The trends in the packaging industry are diverse – naturally, that also applies to packaging for dairy products. After all, dairy products are more popular than ever, especially among health-conscious millennials. That not only applies to individual markets, but is actually a global trend—especially in Asian countries. According to Euromonitor, for example, sales...

Hochwald Foods

Operational energy management in dairy plants: To start with, measure diligently!

Sustainability, resource conservation or merely cutting energy costs: The motivations for efficient energy management are diverse. But where does one begin when many dairy plants don’t know a thing about either their energy flow or their energy consumption? And then there are the costs of the technical equipment for saving energy. Knowing when, where and how energy is consumed in...

Liquid Food - Regionality

Regional and sustainable milk: Marketing and reality

If you ask consumers whether they prefer food that is produced sustainably or ecologically, the answer is usually “yes”. Right now the trend is even stronger when it comes to the closely related topic of regionality. The majority of buyers said that they buy regional food on a regular basis and even pay more for it. However, figures from the...

On the factory floor of "Deutsches Milchkontor" GmbH

Continuous Automation—Key to the Future

Imagine if you discovered that the last piece of cheese you ate was produced by robots. Surely that could only happen in science fiction? Well, almost but not entirely: “Big Data,” robotics and IT are playing an increasingly important role in production processes.

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The Cheese Derinding Robot

Are people now surplus to requirement in the dairy industry? Regular visits to dairy industry suppliers are a key part of my job. Anything that could potentially spark an interest among my readers is also of great interest to me. As a hopeless tech-enthusiast, however, I must confess that my enthusiasm isn’t merely confined to my professional work. Recently, I...

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Look-out: Sossna gets the overview at Sachsenmilch

Today I would like to tell you about a very special press visit I went on. Travel to and from the location was a bit difficult, but it was well worth it. “Molke 5” is the latest extension to the whey-processing operations of Sachsenmilch in Leppersdorf, near Dresden. Sachsenmilch is part of the Theo Müller group of companies. Whey is...