Author: Roland Sossna

A couple cooking dairy free

Themed Week Marketing: Dairies offering a wide range of products

The extensive needs and wishes of today’s consumers are reflected in the huge variety of dairy products that are available. Some segments are particularly successful: Lactose-free and lactose-reduced products, for example, are becoming increasingly popular. Not surprising, considering that around one in seven people in Germany suffers from lactose intolerance.

Milk processors such as the newly erected “glass” Beemster cheese dairy optimize air management to maintain a hygienic production environment

Themed Week Product Safety: Quality characteristic – Air

Milk crises and ongoing trade pressure have further restricted available budgets at dairies in recent years. Yet at the same time, product and food safety are the pillars of every dairy’s business. Safety cannot be compromised as a result of cost-cutting measures. The production area’s equipment and immediate surroundings are and will remain the key to producing flawless, high-quality products.

Turning wastewater back into water

Themed Week Process Optimization: Turning wastewater back into water

Last year, German dairy farms processed 31.5 million tons of milk. According to recent findings by the Hannover University of Applied Sciences, a third of this amount could be recovered directly from different processing stages, winning back water for production, cleaning or processing. The focus now is on vapors from milk and dairy evaporation processes, as well as on permeating...

Friesland Campina

Themed Week Flexibility: In Dairies, Flexibility is Key

The number of products produced in dairies is constantly growing. It is often not the dairies, however, which take the initiative to keep increasing the variety in stores. Instead, it is the retailers themselves who want to set their own brands apart from their competitors’ with special or seasonal products. For the manufacturer, that means adjusting their process technologies.

Produkt-Variationen und -Innovationen

Themed week Flavor variety: Product variations and innovations: The agony or pleasure of having to choose?

The range of dairy products is incredibly large – much more extensive than what consumers are used to with beer and other beverages. And every year new products are added to the selection of dairy products. Some of them are so-called line extensions, or expansions to existing product lines by adding new flavors. Innovations account for the other new products.