Author: Mareike Hasenbeck

a bavarian meal in the evening

Enjoyable Combinations

Specialty beers are increasingly becoming the drink of choice to accompany cheese rather than wine. Combining cheese with selected beers is giving connoisseurs a whole new flavor experience.

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Witbier—the White Beer Trend with a Difference

Belgium probably has the oldest beer culture in the world. Until recently, however, some historic styles were in danger of dying out altogether. Thankfully, they are now experiencing a true renaissance—with Witbier at the forefront—and are particularly popular internationally among young consumers.

New Star in the Craft Beer Sky

Here on the drinktec blog, we are going to start taking a regular look at the most significant newcomers to the craft beer scene. First up is “Frau Gruber” a craft startup from Augsburg. Enzo Frauenschuh and his partner Matthias Gruber are currently among the most creative newcomers to the craft beer scene. The two pals from Augsburg have known...

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Porter – Back from the Brink to Fashionable Drink

For many years, porter was Britain’s national drink, before a tragic accident led to this dark beer all but disappearing from the menu. But now porter is experiencing a renaissance worldwide. For a long time, porter was regarded as an extinct beer type, And could only be found flowing through the occasional tap in some of England’s pubs. However, thanks...

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Craft Beer to Complement Your Meal

These days, when dining at a high-class restaurant, you may find that you are offered more than just the traditional wine list: top chefs are discovering that craft beers also make an ideal accompaniment, and can even add some extra kick to their dishes. Craft beer is causing a real stir in the restaurant trade. With a huge variety of...

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India Pale Ale – Probably the Most Important Style in the Craft Beer Scene

Once the drink of choice for British soldiers, IPA has a long history and is still evolving even now. India Pale Ale (IPA) is considered the mother of all beers within the international craft beer movement, but it only came about as an emergency solution. In the late 18th century, the British wanted to ship their ale to the Indian...

Belgian beer culture

Belgian beer added to world heritage list

From Lambic right through to Trappist beer: Belgium boasts an enormous variety of beers, unrivaled by most other countries on the planet. Now, the Belgians’ passion for their favorite drink has been rewarded by Unesco.

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The Ladies Are Back When it Comes to Brewing

For a long time, beer was seen by many women as a drink of little interest. However, they are now back “stirring at the old brewing kettle”, training to become qualified beer sommelières and choosing careers in the brewing trade – all thanks to the craft beer movement.

Rum is the New Whiskey”

The old mariners’ drink is far more than just an ingredient in cocktails or grog: More and more aficionados are discovering this distillate of sugarcane as a new and premium delicacy, which is best taken neat—not only in Mojitos and Cuba Libres!

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Innovation and Fighting Spirit at the Brew Kettle

Bright green hop juice, a beer made using wine yeast, and chai tea: Once a year, students at the Technical University of Munich in Weihenstephan unleash their creative potential in an innovation competition. Recently, they have presented their ideas in front of a panel of prestigious judges.