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Inna Wiedmann at Nick Barth's office

drinktec “sans frontières”!

And that is certainly no exaggeration: drinktec really does cross virtually all borders. All around the world, we have contacts who are looking after the interests of drinktec visitors, exhibitors and partners. In Australia, that person is Nick Barth. drinktec is for us very much a worldwide family. And therefore it´s only right and proper for family members to pay...

a supermarket shelf

“Brewed in the USA”

The first picture quiz has been solved and most of you will have recognized which country it was: the United States of America! In the US, Jerry Kallman Jr., and his company Kallman Expo, is one of our contacts for the beverage and liquid food industry. Jerry has been a faithful supporter of drinktec for many years, and he was...


“Shaken, not stirred!”

With this famous catchphrase of James Bond, we welcome you to Part III of our mini series on beverage bloggers. We´ve already introduced you to the wine and beer bloggers. Now we turn to spirits. These bloggers test, mix and also make hard liquor. And they do it with great skill and expertise. Who are the bloggers? A...

a supermarket shelf

The drinktec picture puzzle: In which country am I? (Part 1)

As you know certainly yourself, there are drinks and beverage packaging that you find anywhere in the world. In addition, however, there are also drinks and beverage packaging that are characteristic for the respective country. drinktec is not only active worldwide, but also optimally networked everywhere through the foreign representatives of Messe München. Thanks to our partner countries, we have...

fdt 2014 - Supporting Program

Attractive accompanying program at fdt Africa 2016

Alongside the chance to review solutions tailored specifically to the African market, visitors to fdt 2016 can also look forward to an exciting program of supporting events. Panel discussion and case studies in the Exhibitor Forum New in 2016: As well as all the innovations and new developments on show at the booths of the exhibitors, fdt 2016 also features...

German Purity Law

500th anniversary this week: Germany´s Beer Purity Law

 It is generally believed to be the oldest food law in the world, although this is not historically proven: The German, or rather Bavarian, “Reinheitsgebot”, known as the Purity Law. At a gathering of knights and landed gentry in Ingolstadt on April 23, 1516—precisely 500 years ago—the Bavarian Duke Wilhelm IV issued an order on “how beer should be brewed...

Meininger International Craft Beer Award

Our (taste) experience at Meiningers International Craft Beer Award

Neustadt, a small town in the heart of the wine-growing region of Rhineland-Palatinate, may not top your list of places famous for craft beers. But look closer, and you´ll see that this is the home of publishers Meininger, the organizer of the annual Meiningers International Craft Beer Awards. This year for the first time drinktec is the sponsor of the...

China Road Show 2016

The “PETplanet Insider” China Road Show 2016 – powered by drinktec

For seventeen years now, PETplanet Insider magazine has been reporting regularly on the PET bottle industry worldwide. Its team examine the various markets and their individual trends within the plastics sector on the basis of comprehensive analyses and reports. Their readers are decision-makers in some of the world’s most important companies in this sector; these key players are located in...

drinktec painting

drinktec´s team spirit

Following the success in September 2013, it´s already clear that the next edition of drinktec in 2017 will be another absolute highlight in the calendar of the beverage and liquid food industry. We in the exhibition management team are working with the members of drinktec´s Advisory Board to reach our goal of putting on another top-class event. Together we are...

different kind of beer

With Full Craft-Speed Ahead – Beer Bloggers

We are continuing with our mini-series about beverage bloggers. While everything was about interesting wine blogs last week, beer bloggers are the focus in this issue. It was really difficult to make a selection here. You can find our top three here: