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Eine Frau trinkt an der Eisbachwelle aus einer Dose

Drink cans: Resealability is the next big thing

Featured post: Those days of spilling a drink on yourself or having a bee buzz right into your favorite beverage are now a thing of the past. These are just two of the many advantages offered by the new resealable system for drink cans that XOLUTION will introduce to a specialist audience for the first time at drinktec 2017, in...

Many cans

Canning: beyond beer

Featured post: In a competitive market, the desire to create stand-out, individual packaging options continues to drive the packaging choice made by many beverage producers. This has never been more true than in the non-alcoholic beverage sector, as manufacturers look to the can to communicate messages around premiumization and health through their packaging.

Craft beer boom: beer varieties as diverse as their makers

Craft beer boom: beer varieties as diverse as their makers

Unrestrained beer creations such as Wuida Hund, beers brewed with plums and raisins, or original beers made by women who are mixing up what used to be the domain of men: The craft beer scene is vibrant and growing increasingly popular. According to the German Brewers Federation, 1,408 brewers currently produce their creations in Germany; that’s 100 more than just...

Solution Directory and Innovation Guide: Smart orientation at drinktec

Solution Directory and Innovation Guide: Smart orientation at drinktec

drinktec, the World’s Leading Trade Fair for the Beverage and Liquid-Food Industry,  takes visitor service to a new level: the online Solution Directory and Innovation Guide tools help visitors find solutions and novelties quickly and efficiently. Exhibitors also profit from these digital tools by raising their visibility and making them easier to find. The Solution Directory and the Innovation Guide...

Digitalization has significantly changed our lives – but will the food and drink of tomorrow be digital? Will we print it out at home?

The digital food and drink of tomorrow

Featured post: Digitalization has significantly changed our lives. That doesn’t change the fact that we need to keep eating and drinking – but will the food and drink of tomorrow be digital? Instead of buying food at the supermarket, will we print it out at home?

Awards – Winners 2013

Stars and World Champs – Awards for the best in the beverage industry

Competitions and championships are established events on drinktec’s calendar of activities. The best of the best are competing in a range of disciplines again this year: There’s the “European Beer Star” for the most innovative beer products. Promising solutions in beverage marketing are being honored with the “World Beverage Innovation Awards”. Now wine enthusiasts have something new to look forward...

Program drinktec 2017

Five days full of highlights — the drinktec 2017 events program

The program at this year’s drinktec is broader than ever before, with forums, symposiums, conferences, competitions, special events, tastings and much, much more on offer. The combination of the events program and exhibition means attendees from all sectors will more than get their money’s worth: Special events like “New Beverage Concepts,” the drinktec Forum and networking platforms like “place2beer” provide...

Sustainability in the beverage trade: Reusable Bottles

Sustainability in the beverage trade: Reuse, individual service and well-informed customers are the winning recipe

Reusable bottles have a decisive advantage compared to single-use bottles: They create less waste and help protect the environment. They are, however, often more expensive and are rarely sold in the retail trade. Many consumers are unaware what the exact difference is between single-use and reusable, and tend to pay more attention to the price and practical aspects when making...


Closures: Visual and functional designs as a purchasing incentive

While the range of extravagant container designs has grown considerably, the potential offered by bottle closures is yet to be fully exploited. This almost gives the impression that drinks industry marketing has thus far failed to give the closure the attention it deserves. There is scope here for a variety of attractive designs combined with practical functions.

Die Chancen der Digitalisierung: E-Commerce im Getränkehandel

The Opportunities of Digitalization: E-Commerce in the Drinks Industry

Unlike in England and France, the e-commerce market for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) in Germany is still in its infancy. FMCG covers consumer goods catering to everyday needs, such as drinks, food, and household products. In 2015, its proportion of total e-commerce sales was still below one percent, but drinks accounted for almost 50% of those sales. The German...