Author: Andra Gerhards

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Themed Week Resources: Green Arguments for Organic Drinks Packaging

Plastic packaging and its impact on the environment are important issues in the drinks industry as they are in many other areas. For many packaging manufacturers, customers’ desire for sustainable drinks packaging is a key factor in deciding to switch to environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic bottles. This trend also represents a promising area of activity for marketing within the...


Neuromarketing: Advertising that gets into your head

Shopping centers are to a large extent designed to animate customers to make purchases—ideally without them even realizing it. Nothing is left to chance: lighting, music and product placement. When it comes to packaging design, the beverage industry intentionally tries to trigger positive emotions: The buzzword here is neuromarketing.

verschiedene Trinkflaschen

Print to be free: Direct printing creates freedom for marketing

Despite all the market research, it is not always easy to tell which products on the beverage shelf will do particularly well. In many cases, movies, TV series or massively popular Internet videos will trigger unpredictable hype with little or no warning. After all, trends come and trends go. But direct printing gives marketing specialists a tool that allows them...

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The Trend Towards Veganism is also Changing what People Drink

For years, the number of people following a vegan lifestyle has been increasing. This trend is also having an effect on drinking habits. Although the ingredients of many drinks are vegan, it is often difficult to tell whether the entire manufacturing process is completely free of animal products. Could this be a new marketing opportunity?