Optimized cleaning — only when needed

Needs-based cleaning is now often considered a foresighted concept for a new approach to cleaning. But what does this involve? How do we define the need for cleaning? Martin Löhrke, CEO of the Lübeck-based Jürgen Löhrke GmbH, provides his insights into the options already available today for meeting the requirements of individual cleaning.

Bottle label

Labeling Machines: Complex Technology Creates Eye-Catching Packaging

Today’s bottle labels offer much more than just information about product ingredients,from customized visually appealing representations of the brand to biodegradable packaging components. Labeling machine manufacturers need to consider both existing and future trends and requirements to meet the demands of the packaging solutions market. In this article, you’ll learn about potential innovative packaging solutions and labeling systems that can clearly represent brands and help companies retain customers.

Packaging Machine

Packaging Machines on a Clear Path to Growth and Sustainability

The global demand for packaging machines in the beverage and liquid food industry is once again increasing. Despite difficult conditions, there are good global prospects for machines and facilities that manufacture, bottle, and package beverages and liquid foods. This is how the German Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (VDMA) explained the situation in the run up to drinktec. One reason for this expected growth is that suppliers are consistently confronting the challenges of our time. For example, it is indispensible for beverage manufacturers, both today and in the future, to reduce their ecological footprint through water management, the reduction of consumable materials and overall sustainable production. In this context, the digital transformation will play a decisive role by supporting improvements in consumption and emissions data. Now more than ever, machinery manufacturers can answer the demand for more sustainable and digital production — for all global markets.

roll out the digital delivery note

Digital trade documents

The central Cloud4Log platform which allows digital delivery notes and, potentially, all types of transport documents to be exchanged is due to be rolled out at the end of 2022. In this article, Oliver Püthe from GS1 Germany explains how the laborious handling of paper delivery notes along the supply chain could soon be a thing of the past.

Recyclable packaging

Recyclable packaging: Conserving resources with eco-friendly solutions

How can different industries unite to find universal solutions that make the future more sustainable? Recyclable packaging is a solution that’s especially important within the beverages and liquid food sector. Bottle-to-bottle recycling and sustainable technologies are in high demand from producers and consumers alike, and the industry is developing exciting new approaches to get the most out of materials and reduce packaging waste.

CO2 emissions

An Emission-Free Future. Costs? Strategies?

As part of the Climate Protection Program 2030, the previous German government established CO2 pricing for fossil fuels. This pricing has applied since 2021 and will increase each year at a fixed rate until 2025. What costs can breweries and malt houses expect as a result? Authors Matthias Kern and Georg Schu of the Ingenieurbüro für Energie- und Umwelttechnik (Engineering Office for Energy and Environmental Technology) illustrate strategies for reducing costs.

Christian Dahncke Paulaner

Brewery-based Soda Production

It’s already been seven years since the Paulaner Brewery left its old brewing premises in Nockherberg and moved to Langwied in Munich, yet people still refer to it as the “new” brewery. However, some of the facilities and systems were also relocated from Nockherberg and incorporated into the new premises, such as the mixing system for mixed beer beverages and non-alcoholic beverages. These segments in particular are growth areas in the beer market, and the popularity of Paulaner’s products meant that capacity needed to be seriously ramped up. Ole Kohls, Marketing Manager at corosys beverage technology, explains how this was achieved with the installation of a new mixing system.


Keeping a Clear Head: The Joys of Non-alcoholic Beverages

Teenagers and young adults are extremely conscious of the importance of a healthy diet. Many therefore limit their alcohol intake or consume none at all. Nevertheless, they’re still having just as much fun, as creative non-alcoholic beverages are flying off the shelves of numerous stores. Many are even many available for the youngest of consumers.