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Conserving resources – boosting efficiency: the order of the day

Conserving resources and improving the efficiency of the entire company while meeting today’s sustainability demands – this is now the top priority of every production process. A company that makes its successes in sustainability publicly known and demonstrates how truly “green” it is may more successfully be able to distribute its products to consumers.

World’s first fruit juice sommelier training

World’s first fruit juice sommelier training

In mid-2010, the Zukunftsinstitut (Future Institute) in Kelkheim, Germany identified what it called the “sommelier effect” as one of 50 microtrends. And indeed, there is growing interest in various sommelier training courses, a development confirmed by Dr. Peter Schropp, head of seminars at Doemens Academy. The academy’s latest project is the world’s first fruit juice sommelier training course, held in...

Plastic and sustainability – can the two be reconciled?

Plastic and sustainability – can the two be reconciled?

Plastic is an important raw material in the beverages industry. It seems the industry simply can’t do without it – at least for right now. Plastic bottles are the default for filling beverages. Except of course for some alternatives such as glass and cans. Over the past years, a number of manufacturers have been trying out ecologically sound plastics. But...

Major changes in the hops market – bittering hops vs. aroma hops

Major changes in the hops market – bittering hops vs. aroma hops

In previous years, aroma hops have been a real money spinner for many producers. With increasing demand for bittering hops and a troublesome harvest, the global hops market is currently on the brink of yet another change. European and American hop growers are once again having to plant more high-alpha crops.

2018 promises to be a good year for the grape harvest

2018 promises to be a good year for grape harvests

Global wine production in 2018 is improving the wine supply situation considerably. Average to good harvests in the major wine-producing countries in the southern hemisphere at the start of the year and a larger grape harvest than in recent years in many European countries are ensuring that significantly more wine is flowing into the cellars of winegrowers, wine estates and...

Matcha, the new healthy pick-me-up: powder with potential

Matcha, the new healthy pick-me-up: powder with potential

Matcha is a green tea powder that was originally used in Japanese tea ceremonies. However, this emerald powder has gradually been finding its way into various products in the food and beverage industry. Now numerous beverage producers are on the look-out for innovative, healthy beverage concepts, but the real question is whether it also has the potential to generate impressive...

Woman drinking non alcoholic beer

Nonalcoholic beer pulls into the fast lane with no shame

The latest figures from beverage industry associations and the German Statistical Office indicate a decline in beverage consumption among the country’s consumers. Overall, Germans drank approximately 750.9 liters of alcoholic, nonalcoholic, hot and homemade beverages in 2017. In looking at the statistics, however, it’s apparent that nonalcoholic drinks, in particular those considered healthy, bucked the trend and gained ground during...

Woman wears VR-glasses

Virtual reality and augmented reality: digitalization making inroads into the beverage industry

The rapid development of technological achievements has brought such new technologies as virtual and augmented reality out of the experimental stage. The instant messaging service Snapchat, for instance, now offers large-scale augmented reality (AR) applications for amusement parks. Following Disney and Universal Studios, Six Flags has now become the latest operator to join the AR trend. The leisure industry is,...


Natural wine: nature as a trend

The misconception that writer and philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau uttered the “back to nature” call is just as untrue as the urban legend that Captain Kirk said the words “Beam me up, Scotty” in the Star Trek series. Nonetheless, “back to nature” seems to be all the rage in the wine industry: Natural wine is making a comeback.