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One of the unusual brews: Pelicon Coffee Stout

Unusual brews that will really make you drop your jaw

Creative brewers are no longer scared of experimenting with truly outlandish ingredients. Whilst more tame refinements include the addition of pumpkin, chocolate and cold-brew coffee, the really unusual brews, such as those that use sheep’s heads, algae or octopus, offer truly adventurous flavor profiles.

Tips for homebrewers

7 top tips for homebrewers

To produce your own beer at home, it’s not just the right equipment that will make all the difference – you also need a good amount of expert knowledge and a dash of courage. These tips for homebrewers will make it virtually impossible for anything to go wrong.

More and more popular: mulled beer

Mulled beer: The trendy alternative to mulled wine

Snow, ice and freezing temperatures – in conditions like these, beer fans need more than just cookies, blankets and a crackling fireplace. They also need a delicious drink that produces a warm glow from within. So how about a nice warm glass of mulled beer – something that’s becoming more and more popular all over the world.

Stylish bars

Stylish bars: the hottest beer temples in Europe

As part of the current beer movement, not only are a number of new breweries establishing themselves throughout Europe, but also more and more cool, stylish bars with a wider selection of creative beer concoctions. Here are five insider tips for beer aficionados who frequently travel throughout Europe.

Wheat beer is said to have a high drinkability

Uncomplicated with high drinkability: German beer styles in the global fast lane

Following a trend for potent alcoholic and aromatic concoctions, creative brewers are now increasingly turning to uncomplicated beer styles that with high drinkability. Their journey takes them straight to traditional varieties such as lager, pils and wheat beer – but with a highly experimental twist. Whether in the U.S., Belgium, or Germany, the creative beer market, still in its infancy,...

place2beer-a drinktec supporting program highlight

drinktec supporting program — the extra something

What makes a difference at a trade fair? The presentations of exhibitors are the most important factor. But the events of the supporting program are the “add-on”, the extra something. The supporting program at drinktec 2017 was more extensive than ever before, and the trade visitors made ample use of it. In the visitor survey, 60 percent indicated that they...

brewdog - sink the bismarck - one of the strongest beer

The contest for the world’s strongest beer

For many beer fans, the strong-beer season marks the most important time of the year. But beyond joining in the merry, boozy strong-beer festivities, aficionados can explore a few brews with alcohol contents similar to those of spirits. In an exciting contest to be crowned “the world’s strongest beer,” a Franconian brew currently holds the top spot. 

drinktec 2017 visitor survey: Virtually all visitors (99 percent) rated the fair as "excellent to good", and 96 percent want to come back in 2021.

drinktec 2017: 99 Percent Visitor Approval

The fact that drinktec gets top marks from trade visitors from around the world is almost a matter of course. drinktec 2017 achieved an outstanding result in the visitor survey. Virtually all visitors (99 percent) rated the fair as “excellent to good”, and 96 percent want to come back in 2021.